1880. Richard KIRBY Sr. (939) was born about 1608. He died betw 1686 & 1688. IMMIGRANT - "The first of the Dartmouth Kirbys was Richard ... The first record of him is in Lynn, Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1636. He might have had brothers Joseph and John, who both went to Connecticut, and possibly a Michael who is mentioned only in a letter to Boyer from a man in Indiana. ... they apparently came to New England at different times and lived in different places. Richard moved to Sandwich in 1637, one of the earliest settlers of that town, which is southeast of Plymouth. In 1638 he was fined for having his swine unringed and in 1641 he was one of the group sharing in the division of new lands in Sandwich. ... An entry in the Plymouth records dated 2 Mar 1651/2 reads, 'Ralph Allen, Sr., and Richard Kerbey, for speaking vild and deriding speaches against Gods word and ordinances, were fined fiue pounds a peece, to be paid betwixt this and June Court next, or if not, then to suffer bodily punishment by whiping.' In 1656 Richard was recorded as attending a Quaker meeting at the house of William Allen. At the October Court, 1660, both Richard Kerbey, Sr. and Richard Kerbey, Jr., along with a number of Allens and William Gifford and others, were fined for being at Quaker meetings. Other records also indicate that there were two Richard Kirbys at Sandwich at the same time. Boyer says the senior Kirby was an Anabaptist [opposed to infant baptism] and Savage says he was imprisoned as a Quaker in 1658. He moved, probably shortly after the 1660 incident, to Dartmouth, where Quakers were allowed to worship freely, and took the oath of fidelity there in 1684. Richard, Sr., did not leave a will but Boyer thinks he died sometime between May 1686 and July 1688..." (Bonnie Hubbard)

He was married to Jane ?.

1881. Jane ? (81) was buried on 23 Mar 1650. IMMIGRANT Children were:

child940 i. Richard KIRBY Jr..
child ii. Recompense KIRBY(940). He married Rebecca Allen. "Nothing else is known about Recompense, but Rebecca's birthdate and place are 2 Aug 1668 at Sandwich." (Bonnie Hubbard)

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