940. Richard KIRBY Jr. (745) was born before 1638. He died about 1720 in (prob.) Dartmouth, MA. "Boyer says he 'practiced Quaker beliefs but never joined the meeting.' He, William Gifford, and various Allens as well as others, were repeatedly fined for refusing to take the oath of fidelity, and he and two others were fined 'for refusing to aid the said marshall [George Barlow] in the execution of his office.'" George Barlow was know as the "the Quaker Terrour" and was know for his harsh treatment of Quakers.
"Patience and Richard Kirby Jr. moved to Dartmouth. Richard certainly did and Boyer thinks their son John was born there. Patience died sometime after the birth of a second son Robert 10 May 1674 and before 2 Dec 1678 when Richard married Abigail, widow of Zoeth Howland (who had been killed by the Indians in King Philip's War). Richard had five youngsters and Abigail nine. He wrote his will 30 Jan 1707-8 but it wasn't probated until 4 Apr 1720 so it is assumed that he died around the beginning of that year." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Patience GIFFORD on 9 Oct 1665.

941. Patience GIFFORD (746) died after 20 May 1674 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA. She "had five children before she died, sometime between the birth of the youngest, Robert, in 1674, and Richard's marriage 2 Dec 1678 to the widow Abigail Howland." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Children were:

child470 i. John KIRBY.
child ii. Robert KIRBY(747) was born in 1974.

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