1850. John MAYO (919) died on 3 May 1676 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He was born betw 1590 and 1600 in England. IMMIGRANT. "... a clergyman who came from England in 1638. Hills, p. 85, says he had been born between 1590 and 1600, and married there Tamison (or Tamsen or Thomasine). Their five known children were born in England but no birth dates are known. John Mayo was a teaching elder in the church at Barnstable from its beginning in 1639 until 1644. The Rev. Joseph Hull was pastor, and 11 Dec 1639 when Thanksgiving was celebrated, 'The praises of God being ended, they `divided into three companies to feast together, some at Mr. Hull's, some at Mr. Mayo's, some at Brother Lombard's, Senior.' (Hawes, p. 29) ['Brother Lombard' was either Thomas Lombard or his son Bernard, who married our Abia Claghorn - probably Thomas as he was licenced to have an ordinary or tavern, which would be larger than the usual home of the time.] John Mayo was ordained 15 Apr 1640 and was asked to come to Eastham in 1646. He was pastor there "until 1654, when being `discouraged' he moved to Boston, and became Nov 1655, the first pastor of the `Old North Church.'" (Hills, p. 85) Hawes, p. 29: "The church records (in the handwriting of the Rev. Increase Mather) in the beginning of 1672, say: `Mr. Mayo, the Pastor, likewise grew very infirm, insomuch as the congregation was not able to hear and be edified.' The congregation therefore desired a new minister and he consented.' He and Tamison went to live with their daughter Elizabeth Howes in Yarmouth. He died there 3 May 1676 and Tamsen, also in Yarmouth, 26 Feb 1682-3. The Boston congregation continued to contribute to his support until his death." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Thomasine ? in England.

1851. Thomasine ?(81) died on 26 Feb 1682/83 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She was born in England. IMMIGRANT. Name also spelled Tamsen or Tamison. (Bonnie Hubbard) Children were:

child925 i. Elizabeth MAYO.

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