1814. Thomas HOLBROOK (81) was born about 1594 in (poss.) Glastonbury, England. He died in 1677 in Weymouth, MA. IMMIGRANT (1635). - "Thomas Holbrook, William's son, was born about 1594, perhaps in Glastonbury. He married Jane Powyes or Powyers in St. John's, Glastonbury 12 Sep 1616. They 'were of' Broadway, Somersetshire, when they joined Rov. Joseph Hull and went to New England in 1635 (along with the Lovells - see the Claghorn branch). There were three hamlets named Broadway in Somerset and they probably lived in the one near Glastonbury. The passenger list given in NEHGR 25:14 says their daughter Elizabeth was "1 Yeare," but she was baptised at Glastonbury 13 Feb 1630-1. At any rate, she was just a toddler and maybe a very small child. They settled in that part of Weymouth called Old Spain, and Thomas was made a freeman there in 1645. He was the second member of the Board of Townsmen in 1641, '45, '46, '51, '52, '54, and served as constable in 1669. His will was proven 2 Apr 1677 and Jane died several weeks later 24 Apr 1677, also in Weymouth." (Bonnie Hubbard) Also according to Bonnie, he was granted land at Rehoboth in 1645 but forfeited his share because he did not go there to live.
He was married to Jane POWYES OR POWYERS on 12 Sep 1616 in Glastonbury, England. (married in St. John's)

1815. Jane POWYES OR POWYERS (81) was born about 1594 in England. She died on 24 Apr 1677 in Weymouth, MA. IMMIGRANT (1635). - from "Broudway," Somersetshire, England, as was her husband. Children were:

child907 i. Elizabeth HOLBROOK.

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