908. Robert BRADISH (81) died about 1659. He was born in England. IMMIGRANT. - "The first mention of a Bradish in New England is when Robert Bradish bought from John Steele 28 Aug 1635 a house and land at the westerly corner of Harvard and Holyoke streets, a lot on the opposite side of Harvard Street, where the Sewall house stood, and several acres out of the village. This was Cambridge, although it was called New Towne until 1638. The street names are given for present day reference as Harvard was not established until 1636; Judge Samuel Sewall became prominent decades later. From this purchase and from his will we can conclude that Robert arrived from England with a wife and children and enough money to support them. His wife Mary gave birth to Joseph in May 1638 and died the following September. These two facts are noted in the Register of Births and Burials in Cambridge from the year 1632 until the first month of 1644. Children born to a second wife Vashti are also listed, including two sons both named Samuel and both of whom died as infants. Robert died and his will was proved 29 Oct 1659. He left his whole estate, valued at £207.02.02, to Vashti for as long as she lived, with special bequests and the remainder of the estate to be divided after her death among his children James, Joseph, Mary and Hannah. These all appear to be children of his first wife Mary. One special bequest was to John, his only surviving child by Vashti, and who is believed to have died unmarried. Vashti died in 1672." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Mary ?.

909. Mary ? (81) died in Sep 1638 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. She was born in England. IMMIGRANT. Children were:

child i. James BRADISH(81). "James moved to Newtown, Long Island about 1656 but nothing more is known." (Bonnie Hubbard)

child ii. Mary BRADISH(81).
child iii. Hannah BRADISH(81).
child454 iv. Joseph BRADISH.

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