454. Joseph BRADISH (81) was born in May 1638 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA. He died before 2 Apr 1725. "Joseph was in Sudbury in 1662. He married Mary _____ and three daughters were born there and a son Joseph whose birth date is 28 Nov 1672 and who is condidered to be the pirate sent to London in 1699 with Captain Kidd. The family moved to Framingham and two more sons were born. They returned to Cambridge about 1678 and our Ruth was born in 1681. Joseph died before 2 Apr 1725, when a part of his estate in Cambridge was sold by Edward Marrett and wife Hannah, John Green and wife Mary, John Bradish, all of Cambridge, James Bradish of Westborough and Thomas Ford and wife Ruth of Marshfield, describing themselves as 'children of Joseph Bradish, late of Cambridge, yeoman, deceased, who was son of Robert Bradish, formerly of Cambridge aforesaid, yeoman, also deceased.'" (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Mary ?.

455. Mary ? (81). Children were:

child i. Hannah BRADISH(81) was born in Sudbury, MA. Married Edward Marrett.
child ii. Mary BRADISH(81) was born in Sudbury, MA. Married John Green.
child iii. Joseph BRADISH(583) was born on 28 Nov 1672 in Sudbury, MA. He died on 12 Jul 1700 in Kent, England. The "pirate" in the family. "About 1697 or 98 Joseph was in London and joined the crew of the ship Adventure bound for Borneo. When they reached the Spice Islands, most of the passengers and officers, including Captain Thomas Gullock, went ashore while fresh water was taken aboard. Some of the crew members decided this was too good an opportunity to miss and promptly took over the ship. Those who didn't want to go along with this were sent to join the others on shore. The fact that the cargo then on board consisted largely of precious metals which could be easily and profitably disposed of undoubtedly swayed many seamen. In those days they were poorly paid and often poorly treated. They elected Joseph captain, gave him two and a half shares of the cargo, and counted the cash. Each man would receive £1,600 in addition to his share of the goods. Quick, easy and rewarding work, and no lives lost! They decided to go home to New England to enjoy their booty, avoiding major settlements and stopping only at Mauritius and Ascension Island." Joseph was eventually arrested, jailed, escaped and recaptured. He was then sent to the Boston jail where Captain Kid was also held. Orders were "... given for the pirates to be returned to England. On March 11 the frigate Advice left Massachusetts with thirty-two prisoners aboard. Also on board was the Adventure's former captain, Thomas Gullock. The owners of that ship had sent him to New England to claim any treasure recovered from Joseph Bradish and his men. Unlike Kidd, who was a sort of political football and confined to Newgate prison in London, the rest of the pirates were sent to the Admiralty's jail, the Marshalsea in Kent, where most piracy trials were held. Trials were brief and lawyers seldom used by the accused, who had to conduct their own defense. Joseph was convicted and executed along with James Kelley on July 12, 1700. He was twenty-seven years old. At the king's orders, the two bodies were hung in chains and displayed at Gravesend on the banks of the Thames 'as a greater terror to others.'" (Bonnie Hubbard)

child iv. John BRADISH(81) was born in Framingham, MA.
child v. James BRADISH(81) was born in Framingham, MA.
child227 vi. Ruth BRADISH.

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