36. Anders Knudsen SLOGVIG (41) (210)(211) was born in 1775 in Aksland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He was baptised on 30 Jan 1775. He died in 1848 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He was a resident of the farm area of Slogvig, Tysær Parish, Rogaland County, Norway. He was a member of a 'bonde' family (farmers owning land). As the oldest son, he inherited the farm. (Slooper book)
"He got a deed in 1799 at the settlement of the estate of his father for 280 dollars. In 1802 he sold three barrels of corn and got 18 barrels or 6 foll. They fed a horse, 3 cows, 3 heifers, 18 sheep and goats. On the farm, wood to burn and grazing were fairly poor. The mill was almost enough for the house. There were two tenant farms that belonged to the farm paying 6 dollars yearly. the assessment for the whole farm was then 250 dollars. Anders paid 10 dollars for the silver tax in 1816 -- a pretty high tax." (Tysvær bygdebok #2)
He was listed in the Norwegian 1801 census, Stavanger Co., Schiold Parish, Tysvær subparish, Slogviig farm, as age 26, Head of household and a Farmer.
He was married to Anna Jacobsdatter FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT) on 7 Jan 1798 in Skjold, Rogaland Co., Norway.

37. Anna Jacobsdatter FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT) (212)(213) (214) was born in 1769 in Fikstveit, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. (215)(216) (217) "32 in 1801" (Slooper book) She died in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She was listed with her husband and son Knud in the Norwegian 1801 census, Stavanger Co., Schiold Parish, Tysvær subparish, Slogviig farm, as age 32 and Wife of the head of household.
Children were:

child i. Knud (Knut) Anderson SLOGVIG(218) (219)(220) (221) (222)(102) (223)(224) (225)(226) (227) (photo) was born in 1797 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He was baptised on 28 Oct 1798 in Norway. He was buried in Jan 1867 in Anderson Cemetery, Sugar Creek Settlement, Lee Co., IA. He died on 10 Jan 1867 in Sugar Creek Settlement, Lee Co., IA. IMMIGRANT SLOOPER?* - He was listed in the Norwegian 1801 census, Stavanger Co., Skjold Parish, Tysvær subparish, Slogviig farm, as age 3. He was the oldest son of Anders Slogvig and would have been in line to inherit the family farm upon his parents' death. However, some believe he chose to sail to America on the sloop Restoration in 1825 while most authorities now agree that he first came to America shortly thereafter (some sources say "probably 1829"). He was a Quaker and a Republican due to his opposition to slavery. "Knud Anderson Slogvig apparently returned to Norway with Ole Johnson Eie May 22, 1828, but he again immigrated in 1830." "... he became the Slooper's chief ambassador to inform their countrymen in Norway of life in America, and to encourage and even lead immigration to join them there." (Slooper book) The Slogvik Chapter in the Tysvær local history book, vol. 2, has the following to say about Knud: "... went to America on the Restoration in 1825. He came back after 10 years and got married. In 1836, he went back to America with the brig Norden with 110 immigrants on board. Knut was a Quaker and came to Fox River and lived later in Kendall and LaSalle."
"In the summer of 1836 two brigs, 'Den norske klippe' and 'Norden,' sailed from Stavanger with a total of 167 people destined for America. Knud Anderson Slogvig, who like Hovland had emigrated in 1831, had returned to Norway the previous year and served as leader for the emigrants on board 'Norden.' His return created a great stir, and people from all over Rogaland and Hordaland came to hear about America. Almost without exception the emigrants were from Ryfylke and Jaeren, and a few from Hordaland. Most of them went to the Fox River settlement and surrounding areas." (The Promise of America) He might have first settled in the Kendall, NY, area, but it is known that he settled in La Salle Co., IL, (Fox River area). Along with his brother Jacob, his brother-in-law Andrew Askeland, and Cleng Peerson, Knud moved to Shelby Co. in northeastern MO in 1837. There he married his wife in 1840. In 1843 he, his wife and their 2 children moved to the Sugar Creek Settlement, Lee Co. in southeastern Iowa, where they had 4 more children. (Knud's wife Anna was a sister of the prominent Slooper Ole Olson Hetletveit.)
No information about Knut's life in Norway prior to 1825 has been found other than some mention by Alfred Hauge in Vol. 1 of his historical novel based on the life of Cleng Peerson (often called the "father" of Norwegian/American migration). Hauge indicated that Knut was imprisoned in Norway because he refused to serve in the military when drafted. Hauge's account indicated that Knut "regarded it sinful for a man to kill his fellow human beings and, furthermore, that he was unable to swear allegiance to the king, as required.
From the above, apparently there is some disagreement in historical sources about the details of Knut's life and travels. The Slooper book (on pp. 10, 587, 606) questions whether he was on the Restoration, suggesting that he probably came to America first in 1929, but should be included with the Sloopers because of the significant role he played with this group and with subsequent immigration. He is not listed on the "Emigrants from Stavanger" Internet web site ( as having emigrated in 1825.
*For more information on the Sloopers see notes for Tormod Jensen MADLAND. For more information about Knud's Norwegian home farm see notes for his brother Jacob.

child ii. Jakob SLOGVIG(228) was born in 1800 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Apparently died young before 1807 when their second Jakob was born..
child iii. Inger SLOGVIG(229) was born in 1801 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She died in 1840 in Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Married Jens Larsen N. Askeland in 1828. As her older brother had emigrated to America, she inherited the family farm. However her husband Jens was the one who got a deed from Anders in 1838 for 350 dollars and is mentioned in the tax roles for the same year but he also lived on Askeland and perhaps farmed there. In 1842 he sold the farm to his wife's brother Anders.
Kari and Jens had 5 children:
1. Anne Marte, b. 1828
2. Kari, b. 29 May 1831; d. 18 Feb 1915; bur. Tysværvag; married Einar Kristoffersen (from this union descended the Askeland family that currently live in north Askeland, Tysvær kommune, Rogaland, Norway)
3. Lars, b. 1834 - Immigrated to America in 1858
4. Malene, b. 1836, d. 1842
5. Jens Andreas, b. 1840 d.s.å.
child iv. Malene Andersdatter SLOGVIG(230) (231)(223) was born in 1804 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. (232)(233) [Naeseth gives her birth year as 1799; Tysvær bygdebok gives 1804 in 2 places.] She died on 20 Sep 1863 in IL ?.(234) She was buried in Little Indian Creek cemetery.(235) IMMIGRANT - She married Anders Andersen Askeland (Oskeland) from Søre Askeland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Her husband got the deed to half of the south Askeland farm in 1827 but he sold it in 1836. Malene, Anders and their 3 year old son Andereas sailed for America aboard the ship "Norden" that same year.* Malene was pregnant on this voyage and gave birth to a daughter a short period before they arrived in New York on 12 Jul 1836. Also aboard the Brig Norden on this 1836 voyage was Marlene's older brother Knud. Probably because Malene's newborn infant was not doing well, the Askeland family and brother Knud remained in New York for a short period while the main body of emigrants went west. The baby daughter died 8 days after they arrived in New York. They then went to La Salle Co., IL.
Records indicate that Anders married a second time in 1866 to Anne Helene Hovada of Halsne who had also sailed to America in 1836 but aboard the ship "Hercules;" she had settled just north of the Fox River settlement in Leland, IL. This might indicate that Malene died before 1866. (Tysvær bygdebok #2, p. 175) Naeseth indicates that she died in 1863. Naeseth also indicates that she had at least 4 more children after arriving in America.
Records recently obtained indicate that Malene and her husband were Quakers.
*[See "The Solem, Swiggum & Austheim ship index" online at:
for 1836 Norden passenger list.]

child18 v. Jacob Anderson SLOGVIG.
child vi. Anders SLOGVIG(236) was born in 1812 in Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. [Age given in the 1865 census was 51 which, if correct, would indicate that he was born about 1814.] He died in 1891 in Norway. He was buried in Stakland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. [Buried beside his wife in Quaker graveyard south of the old Stakland Quaker Meeting House.] "Married to Berte (Brita) Sørensdt Stakland (b. 1817, d. 1891) in Skjold. He bought the farm from (his sister Inger's husband) Jens in 1842 for 400 dollars and gave a promise of pension to his father. Anders was mentioned in the tax rolls for 1851 and 1889. In 1875 they fed a horse, 5 cows, 2 heifers, 22 sheep and 6 goats as well as 3 sheep they kept for others. They sold 3 1/2 barrels of oats and 4 barrels of potatoes. Anders was a Quaker and very giving when people came begging at the door. They had the old farmyard on the hill above the houses on today's farm 7. Here you can still see marks after the houses and their kitchen garden and the houses were then moved up to the upper farm yard where farm yard where farm number one now is. Anders and Berte had no children and they gave the farm to the Quakers (Society of Friends) in Stavanger in 1890. For a time they (the Quakers) rented out the farm but in 1900 they sold to Peder from the neighbor farm Vagen. He paid 4,800 kroner and with payments of 320 kroner. - Anders was brought before the law for his Quaker beliefs."
He is listed in Slogvig,Tysvær, in the 1865 census (#1158) as age 51 along with his wife "Berthe Sorensd." (#1159). It appears that at this time he owns 1 horse, 6 cattle, 30 sheep and quantities of oats and potatoes. Two young femal servants or maids were living with them, Kari Olsdtr., age 18, and Anne R. Paulsdtr., age 14.

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