7192. William TILLEY (723)(192) (1156) was born about 1515 in (prob.) Bedford Co., England. He died in Jan 1578/79 in (prob.) Bedford Co., England. He signed a will on 1 Jan 1578/79 in Archdeaconry of Bedford, England. He was buried on 21 Jan 1578/79 in Henlow, Bedford, England. He Will proven on 28 Jan 1578/79. "of Henlow, husbandman," Judy Goldbaum's data has birth of "1519 in Henlow, Brfrds, England" and death on "1 Jan 1577/78." He was married to Agnes.

7193. Agnes(723) (1157)(81) died on 1 Jun 1582. "an old woman." She signed a will on 1 Jun 1582. She was buried on 7 Jun 1582 in Henlow, Bedford, England. She Will proven on 13 Jul 1582. Bonnie Hubbard's information indicates that she died "an old woman." Children were:

child3596 i. Robert TILLEY.

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