3596. Robert TILLEY (723) (1072)(81) was born about 1540 in England. He died in Feb 1612/13 in England. He was buried on 21 Feb 1612/13 in Henlow, Bedford, England. Robert in his will, dated 31 Dec 1612 and proved 6 Apr 1612, spells his name Tilley and calls himself yeoman. (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Elizabeth.

3597. Elizabeth (723)(1073) . Children were:

child1798 i. John TILLEY.
child ii. Edward TILLEY(1074) (photo) was baptised on 27 May 1588 in Henlow, Bedford, England. He died between 11 Jan 1621 and 10 Apr 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. "MAYFLOWER PASSENGER" - Signed Mayflower Compact. Listed on Bradford's Mayflower Passenger List along with "Alice, his wife and 2 children that were their cossens, Henery Samson and Humillity Coper." (p. 406) "Edward Tillie and his wife dyed soon after their arivall; and the girle Humility, their cousen, was sent for into England, and dyed ther. But the youth Henery Samson is still liveing, and is maried, and hath 7 children." (p. 409)
"MARRIED: Agnes Cooper, 20 June 1614, Henlow, Bedford, England, daughter of Edmund and Mary (Wyne) Cooper. ... CHILDREN: none. ... The ancestry of Agnes, daughter of Edmund Cooper and Mary Wyne, can be found under Henry Samson. Henry Samson's mother Martha is Agnes sister. Edward Tilley had been in Holland since at least 1616 (NEHGR 143:195-212). He and his wife brought with them on the Mayflower Humility Cooper, their recently orphaned niece, who had been born in Holland in 1619.
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