1888. Henry C. CLEGHORN (476) (944) was born about 1580 in Saughton, Midlothian, Scotland. Bonnie Hubbard gives first name as Harry, but states this is "not proven."
"In 1611 Harry (or Henry) was apprenticed to a merchant in nearby Edinburgh. His children were Thomas, David, James and Isobel. When David died in 1647 his estate was willed to the younger children, James and Isobel." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married. Children were:

child i. Thomas CLEGHORN(81) (194) was born about 1626.
child ii. David CLEGHORN(81) (194) was born about 1628.
child944 iii. James CLAGHORN.
child iv. Isobel CLEGHORN(81) was born about 1632.

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