944. James CLAGHORN (380)(383) (476) (749)(194) (750) was born in 1628 or 1630 in near Edinburgh, Costerphile, Scotland. He died before 25 Oct 1683 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. (476)(380) (193) [Yellow sheet had death date of 1677; Cushman Family Group Sheets indicates will proved 25 Oct 1683.] IMMIGRANT - "... colonial record spells CLEAGUEHORNE." (Savage) Bonnie Hubbard reports that C.E. Banks states he came to America on the ship Unity.
From Yellow Sheet Notes: "Battle of Dunbar, deported by order of Cromwell"
From Claghorn Study: ".. a native of Scotland emigrated 1st from his home either Glasgow or Arberdeen to New England prior to 1654, where he settled in Barnstable Mass. taking the oath of fidelity in 1657. He removed to Garmouth about the year 1662, where his wife committed suicide in Oct. 1677. He married again Jan 6th, Abigail daughter of Bernard Lumbard."
"When the English executed Charles I in 1649 and Cromwell rose to power, it was inevitable that there would be clashes in Scotland. The Scottish economy was already weakened and as the English army occupied more and more of the best farming land supplies became scarce. The Battle of Dunbar, 3 Sept 1650, resulted in some 3000 Scots dead and more than 9000 captured. Of these about 5000, the wounded, were released and the rest sent to England. And of this last group, hundreds were sold as indentured servants in the colonies. This was, in the words of Rosalind Mitchison, 'A History of Scotland,' Methuen, NY 1982, p. 231, 'a monstrous infringement of the normal conventions of war.'
"Mr. Claghorn (The Barony of Claghorn, A.D. 1203. Lanarkshire, Scotland, to the Family of Claghorn, A.D. 1912, United States of America," compiled by William Crumby Claghorn, Lyon and Armor, Printers, Philadelphia, ~1912) thinks that James Cleghorne of Corstorphine (near Edinburgh) is the same person as James Claghorn (or Cleghorne, or Cleagehorne as in his will) who was indentured to Lt. Bernard or Barnard Lumbard or Lumbert. Spelling was an art form in those days! Obviously he was a soldier, at least when Cromwell invaded Scotland. Mr. Claghorn puts his birth date at probably 1628-30. Plymouth Colony records show "James Cleaguehorne marryed Abigaill Lumbert the sixt of January 1654." She was the daughter of Lt. Bernard Lumbard and familiarly known as Abia. They lived in Yarmouth, near Barnstable, and he was admitted to citizenship in 1657. On 21 March 1663/4 James was appointed Hayward, an officer whose duties were to keep cattle from straying into cultivated fields. He (or possibly his first son James) fought in King Phillip's War and contributed to the war fund. When he died in October 1683 he willed his gun and sword to his son Shubael. James and Abia had four sons and four daughters. Unfortunately the Barnstable town records were burned in 1674 and there is no birth date known for Shubael, the third son." (Bonnie Hubbard)
He was married to Abigail "Abia" LUMBERT on 6 Jan 1653/54 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.

945. Abigail "Abia" LUMBERT(383) (380)(476) (81)(193) was born in 1634 in (prob.) Scituate, MA. She died on 21 Oct 1677 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. (751) Some references has the month of death as Aug. "Mr. Claghorn's genealogy says Abia died 21 Aug 1677. This is an error because although the Plymouth Court Records are dated '21 of the 8th, 1677,' they used the Julian calendar which began with March, and the eighth month in today's Gregorian calendar would be October." (Bonnie Hubbard)
Claghorn Study has first name of Abigail; Judy Goldbaum has Abiah; Bonnie Hubbard has Abigaill but states that she was "familiarly known as Abia.". Last name also spelled Lumbard, Lombart; Bonnie Hubbard uses the last name of "Lumbert" and gives the following explanation:
"Most modern references to this family spell the name Lombard but the earliest settlers generally wrote Lumbert or Lumber (which is how they pronounced it). Other spellings included Lumbart, Lumbard, Lambard, and Lambert." (Bonnie Hubbard, Lumbert Chapter)
"Abia had been born about 1634. Plymouth Colony Records, p. 42, state: 'James Cleaguehorne and Abigaill Lumbert marryed the sixt of January, 1654.' Banks, p. 81, says that James Claghorn's time was sold to Bernard Lumbert some time before 1654. 'He retaliated on his master by taking his daughter Abiah to wife.' I have no idea why Banks phrased it like this. They moved to Yarmouth about 1662 and I have found nothing more about her until her death, although Banks says she had 'for some time been mentally afflicted.' This opinion may have derived from the fact that Abia took her own life. The story is told in the Plymouth Colony Court Records, p. 249. Her children, Elizabeth, age 19, and Robert, age 16, had found her in an upper room hanging from the collar beam. This was in October 1677. She was about 43 years old. The records do not even mention her own name - just 'wife of James Claghorne of Yarmouth.'" (Bonnie Hubbard, Lumbert Chapter)

Children were:

child i. James CLAGHORN(194) (193) was born on 29 Jan 1654 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. (193) He died on 27 Mar 1723 in MA. Married Experience Bowerman.
child ii. Mary CLAGHORN(194) (750)(193) was born on 26 Oct 1655 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She died in 1706. Married 20 or 28 Mar 1682 Joseph Davis in Barnstable, MA.
child iii. Thomas CLAGHORN(194) was born about 1657 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.(193) [WFT Vol. 9 #3749 has birth in 1665 at Barnstable, MA (As recorded in "The History of Martha's Vineyard" and IGI);Cushman Family Group Sheets also has birth "abt 1665."]
child iv. Elizabeth CLAGHORN(194) (193) was born in Apr 1658 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.
child v. Sarah CLAGHORN(194) (193) was born on 3 Jan 1659/60 in MA.
child vi. Experience CLAGHORN(194) was born about 1661 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.(193) [WFT Vol. 9 #3749 has birth year as 1667 (As recorded in "The History of Martha's Vineyard" and IGI); Cushman Family Group Sheets has birth as "abt 1667."]
child vii. Robert CLAGHORN(194) (193) was born on 27 Oct 1661 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. (193) [WFT Vol. 9 #3749 has birth date as 20 Oct 1661, Barnstable, MA.] He died before Aug 1723.(193) [Cushman Family Group Sheets indicates death in "Aug 1715/6." Married Bethia Lothrop on 6 Nov 1701.
child472 viii. Shubal CLAGHORN.

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