930. Samuel LYNDE (192)(81) was born on 1 Dec 1653 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He signed a will on 20 Jul 1720. He died on 2 Oct 1721 in MA. LDSFamily Search Ancestral File has place of death as Boston, MA "an opulent merchant of Boston" p. vii Lynde Diaries. "Samuel was chosen Assessor in Boston July 16, 1694 and is mentioned as one of a committee to study the route of a highway in March 1698. At the same meeting he was appointed one of the Overseers of the Poor. He had probably done similar things from time to time, but this year was especially memorable for the severity of the winter. Massachusetts Bay was 'frozen quite out to Sea...[and] the main channel in Boston harbor did not open till the first of March....There was also a great scarcity of provisions. Grain was never at a higher price, nor could it be readily had for money. Trade also suffered more than at any former period.' ... Samuel was a member of the First Church in Boston and after receiving the Freetown property from his father he gave a lot for the building of the first meeting house in that town. About 1730 he gave also to the inhabitants of Freetown the land used as their burial ground.... He was a merchant in Boston" (Bonnie Hubbard) He was married to Mary Ann BALLARD on 20 Oct 1674.(81) Bonnie Hubbard has marriage date of 1673. LDSFamily Search Ancestral File has marriage date of 20 Oct 1674 at Boston, MA

931. Mary Ann BALLARD(192) (81) died on 1 Feb 1696/97. Bonnie Hubbard has death date of Dec 1697. Children were:

child465 i. Mary LYNDE.

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