464. John VALENTINE II (192) (81) was born in 1669 in England. LDSFamily Search Ancestral File has birth date of 28 Dec 1670 at Bencliffe Hall, Eccles, Lancaster, England. He died on 1 Feb 1723/24 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He was buried on 4 Feb 1724 in King's Chapel, Boston, MA. IMMIGRANT - "The next mention of a Valentine in the records is that of the appointment of John(2) to the position of Notary Public June 3, 1698. In those days Notaries Public and Justices of the Peace were offices which held much more distinction and authority than they do today. John(2) was a lawyer and his career in public service grew. A document verified by him in 1706 shows him to be 'Notary and Tabellion Public for Massachusetts Bay.' A tabellion was an official scrivener or scribe, essentially the same as a notary. He was reappointed Notary Public Oct. 24, 1712 and Dec. 10, 1715. On April 16, 1718 he was appointed Justice of the Peace and in November of that year he is mentioned in Judge Samuel Sewall's diary as 'Our new Attorney General.' The Boston News-Letter in July 1720 stated that he took the required oaths as His Majesty's Advocate General for the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire and the Colony of Rhode Island, a position he held until his death in 1724. Another aspect of John's life is shown by his donation of £10 for the building of a gallery, a new pulpit and the 'adorning' of King's Chapel in 1718. This was one-thirtieth of the total cost of these things. No doubt he supported his church before and after this event also. Still another part of his life was political and apparently he was quite outspoken in town meetings, loyal to the government and, in the words of a Judge Washburn, 'an agreeable speaker.' However, to the townspeople as a whole he may have appeared haughty and not in tune with the growing dissatisfaction with crown rule." (Bonnie Hubbard)
On Saturday, 1 Feb 1724, John was found in the loft of his home. He had hung himself with his sash. According to Bonnie Hubbard, "No clue has ever been found as to why John Valentine took his life... It appears to have been a sudden and irrevocable impulse. His will had been written about two years earlier and in it he leaves first his soul to God, his body to the earth, 'hoping through the merits of Christ Jesus, my blessed Lord and Saviour, to obtain the forgiveness of all my sins.' He then mentions the members of his immediate family as well as his sister Elizabeth and appoints his 'good friend and kinsman James Bowdoin' to be executor. He also provides for 'my honored mother' if she survives him. The estate was quite a large one, valued at about £4200 sterling. There was the equivalent of about $900 in cash in the house and a collection of household silver plate estimated to be worth £323 sterling. Three slaves and several houses in good parts of the town also indicate that he was very well-to-do. ... It is apparent also that he must have served well and honorably in the many offices to which he was appointed. He was buried at King's Chapel on February 4, 1724."

He was married to Mary LYNDE on 16 Apr 1702 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.

465. Mary LYNDE (192)(81) was born on 16 Nov 1680 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. Bonnie Hubbard has birthdate of "abt 1682." She died on 26 Mar 1732 in (prob) MA. She was buried in Salem, Essex, MA. (81) Buried in Lynde Family Tomb. Was the only child of Samuel & Mary to live to maturity Children were:

child232 i. Samuel VALENTINE.
child ii. Elizabeth VALENTINE(590). Marrried in 1724.

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