592. Tosten Holgersen FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT)(629) was born in 1645 in Fikstveit, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He died before 1701 in Fikstveit, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Tostein and his brother Per used the Fikstveit farm together in the years from 1670 until Per died between 1675 and 1679. In 1682 Tostein got the deed for less than one sixth of the farm for 21 1/2 dalar (old norwegian currency). In 1687 Torstein bought and made equal exchange for more land in Fikstveit from brothers-in-law Lars Håland and Jon Kalvhagen under Fikstveit. Torstein died before 1701, but is mentioned as being alive in years 1689-92. Torstein had been bachelor, i.e. soldier, in 1666. He was married to Anne Osmundsdtr VAARE (VÅRÅ).

593. Anne Osmundsdtr VAARE (VÅRÅ) (630)(631) was born about 1656 in Vårå, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. Anna married first Torstein Holgerson and they lived on Fikstveit farm, where they had their 3 children. After Torstein died, "widow Anna Ommundsdtr" married again to Mikkel Larsson of Steinbru. Anna and Mikkel lived first together on the Fikstveit farm where they had one son Lars in 1699. They then moved to Osnes in Torvastad (north end of Karmøy). Children were:

child i. Magla Tosteinsdtr FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT)(632) was born in 1672 in Fikstveit, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. She married first to Helge Ådneson from Aursland. They lived on the half of the Fikstveit farm called Bruk A. They had 10 children. After Helge died in 1724, "widow Magla" married again to Helge Jørgenson probably from the Slogvik farm. Helge was the farmer on Bruk A after Magla's first husband. In their old age Helge and Magla lived as "innerstar" (lodgers) at her daughter's who was then living at Vestrå in Skjold.
child296 ii. Holger Tostensen FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT).
child iii. Per Torsteinson FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT)(633) was born in 1694 in Fikstveit, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway. He was mentioned in 1706.

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