2338. Jon Villumsen RAUNES (ROGENES)(973) (974) (photo of bumerke for Jon Villumsen Raunes) was born in 1590 in Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway. [Slooper book has birth 1597; Vats bygdebok has 1590.] He died in 1662 in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. Citizen of Stavanger, Norway, 1620-28; bailiff in Vats skibrede 1641-63. (Slooper book)
      In 1626 he receives the mortgage of "21 sm 2 huder" (value of land indicating size and worth) of Raunes for 300 Riksdaler (silver coin) from Gerlef Nettelhorst.  In 1628 he gave up his citizenship in Stavanger and probably took over Raunes from Oluf Torgersen (the previous farmer here). When Jon bought Raunes, he probably got the right of inheritance to the farm, such as is recorded for him in 1649.  Then the rights to inheritance or "odelstida" was 30 years.  As he bought the farm in approximately 1628/30, he settled securely at "odelsjorda" ("freehold" = land held under allodial law) in 1660.  In the 1660 "odelsjordeboka" (rights of inherited land book) he is mentioned as the owner of the farm.

     Berge Velde believes that Jon managed a lumber business (tømmerhandel) with a Scotchman (skottane).  It was quite common in Ryfylke at the time.  In 1641 he (Jon) was sentenced for illegal commerce (kjøpmannskap) that he divided/partitioned the year before, this being when be bought, with four others, 500 barrels of grain from a Scot.  He himself had bought 15 English barrels of beer for 75 Riksdaler (silver coin) and silk cloth for 6 Riksdaler (silver coin).  It is natural (?) to see this as a sort "compensation"  for tømmerhandel (lumber commerce).  The same year he was sheriff ("lensmann") and he was until 1661.  In 1653 he summoned Ole Kyle of Sjernarøy for 1/2 "laup" (unit  of value) rent in Kyle farm for whole 26 years.  (Records indicate that) He had the many purchases and sales of property throughout these years.  In 1657 he paid 16 Riksdaler (silver coin) in sheriff's tax.  Only one sheriff in Ryfylke had such a large tax.

     It must have been a big wedding ("storbryllaup") in 1623 then he married.  Jon's father was subpoenaed (or taken to court) to pay for 2 barrels of beer which Jon had ordered for his "festarøl" (marriage engagement celebration)! (Jon apparently had not paid for the beer.)  Jon's widow stayed at Raunes until she died about 1673.  That year she gave the mortgage to her grandson (son's son) Nils Larsen.  In 1663 she had Knut as a servant, the following year was the boy Tjerand Olsen, 30 years old, and Peder Torbjørnsen 24 year old bachelor.  In 1666 she had her daughter's son (grandson) Laurits 7 years with her.

     It was a sawmill (water powered) but probably not lumber in 1661 (that was Jon’s business).  The timber was for the most part bought in Suldal, "approximately 8 Norwegian miles (1 = 11295 m) from there".  At the sawmill they could cut 300 planks.  In 1668 they planted/sowed 12 barrels of grain and raised 36 heifers and 3 horses (on this farm).  There was a grain mill and firewood lot for home use.  Then is it said it could cut 2000 planks every year at the water powered sawmill (these usually functioning best or only during high water in winter and spring).  Also it is now written that the timber must "be purchased from afar."  The abandoned farm Kalrag is mentioned under Raunes, it lays on the other side fjord with/near Stokka.  At the farm was a "husmannsplass" (small leased farm house or cotters place), "kaldis Wigen." (Vats, pp. 43-44)

He was married to Magdalena LAURITSDTR..

2339. Magdalena LAURITSDTR.(41). "lived 1666" (Slooper book). She was daughter to sheriff ("lensmann") in Vikedal, Laurits Knutsen Hogganvik. (Vats, p. 43) Children were:

child i. Lars Jonsen RAUNES (ROGENES)(975) was born in 1625 in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1664. He married the widow Guri Pedersdt who died in 1667. She had first been married to Nils Landsnes in Jelsa and was later married to Erik Bårse. Lars lived at Landsnes. A son his, Nils, lived first at Jelsa, but came to Raunes and was a farmer of Bruk B there. A son Jon born 1654 was probably soldier in 1671 and was called "Røgenes" in 1675 and "siges siug."
child ii. Villum Jonsen RAUNES (ROGENES)(976) was born in 1636 in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. He died in 1708. He married Mette Børgesdt Aubø, Sjernarøy, born 1637. They had 9 children. They lived at Eikanes in Vats, but in 1670 is it said that he "påbor" 1/1 hud (old land measurement) or half Raunes. The other half of the farm then belonged to his mother. And in 1685 Villum is listed up as owning "7 pund (a unit of measurement similar to an imperial pound) 8 mrk sm" in Raunes, and his brother's son, Nils Larsen, had "40 mrk" but he had not yet come to the farm. It is possible that Villum lived at Eikanes and used half Raunes at same time. He was sheriff a Vats 1672-1700. In 1696 he sold "1 1/2 1 sm" of the farm to in-law Børge Børgesen Tøtland.
child1169 iii. Malene Jonsdtr. RAUNES (RÖGENES).
child iv. Borghild Jonsdtr RAUNES (ROGENES)(977) was born in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. She married Peder Olsen Opsal.
child v. Kari Jonsdtr RAUNES (ROGENES)(978) was born in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. Kari married Tore Våge in Hetland (called Jens a 1673). In 1687 she had a son Jon Helggeland and in-law Ole Vik.
child vi. Lisbet Jonsdtr. RAUNES (ROGENES)(979) was born in Raunes, Vats, Vindafjord, Rogaland, Norway. She married Kristoffer Børgesen Aubø, Sjernarøy.

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