1168. Daniel Rasmussen HAPNES/FOSEN (770) (771) was born in 1616 in Norway. He died in 1667 in Fosen, Avaldsnes (Karmøy), Norway. "in Avaldsnes, then Hapnes, later Sande in Hjelmeland" & "baliff in Hetland skibrede 1666-67." (Slooper book, p 410a)
Daniel and Malene lived first, from 1639, on the farm Hapnes in Vikedal district (Viking coastal defense unit), which Malene's father had previously leased for the use of the children. They used also Dokskar somewhat further up in the valley from 1642. (Both Hapnes and nearby Dokskar are on the south side of Yrkjeforden and north of Nedstrand.) Later they also leased Hamn down by the fjord (probably the Hamn in Skjold on the east side of Skjoldafjorden?). It was the king which owned these farms. For Daniel it was surely the "overflow sawmill" at Dokskar that was of greatest interest. (This was probably a sawmill that could be used only in the spring when there was enough water available.)
They lived at Hapnes until 1665. Then they moved to Sande in Hjelmeland which they had bought in 1652. But in 1666 Daniel made an equal exchange with the priest at Hjelmeland, Jens Simonsen Morsing, which was married to a daughter of Gudmund and Marta Fosen (earlier owners of the Fosen farm). Daniel obtained all of the Fosen farm that had been left to Jens' wife. In exchange, Jens got property that had belonged to Daniel in Sande, Lerstøl (Larstøl) and Kro (all in Hjelmeland). Daniel and Malene moved then to Fosen and took over whole the farm, but in the following year, in 1667, was he found dead in the meadow. When Daniel died, his estate included the farm property in Fosen plus property in Vestre (in Skjold), Seltveit (in Jelsa), Tjørdal (possibly Tordal in Tysvær?) and Øvreland (in Vikedal). After Daniel's death, Malene married the next farmer to take over the Fosen farm. Daniel was sheriff in Hetland Viking coastal defense unit (which got its name from the Hetland farm just to the east of Fosen - according to Tysvær Vol. 1).
There is some disagreement regarding Daniel's parents. The Slooper book indicates that his father was Rasmus Haakonsen Hapnes who was mentioned in Vikedal in 1603. The Bygdebok for KARMØY: AVALDSNES II, idicate that his parents were the Rev. Rasmus Olsen from Rennesøy and his wife Katrine Johannsdtr. He was married to Malene Jonsdtr. RAUNES (RÖGENES).

1169. Malene Jonsdtr. RAUNES (RÖGENES) (41)(772) (773) died in 1688. Avaldsnes bygdebok indicates that she was the daughter of Jon and Malene at Raunes in Vats.
Malene had 9 children with Daniel. After Daniel, her first husband died, she married that same year to Daniel Matssen who was the brother to the tax collector in Ryfylke Søren Matssen at Hesby. Malene and this second Daniel had no children. This second Daniel lived only a short time with Malene on the Fosen farm. Like Malene's first husband, this Daniel was chosen to be the sheriff in Hetland viking coastal defense unit in 1668. On 3 Jul 1668, during a dispute in a local court hearing he was stabbed and killed. Malene then married a third Daniel, Daniel Kristensen, son of the vicar Christen Bentsen Schaaning and Mette Sørensdtr. of Avaldsnes. This third Daniel came to Fosen in 1670. This Daniel, like Malene's previous 2 husbands, also served as the sheriff in Hetland viking coastal defense, and did so into the 1680's. He and Malene turned the Fosen farm over to Malene's oldest son from her first marriage, Østen Danielsen, who owned the Fosen farm Bruksnr. 1 from 1690 until 1722. (Avaldsnes bygdebok) Children were:

child i. Østen Danielsen FOSEN(774) was born about 1641. He died in 1722 in Fosen, Avaldsnes (Karmøy), Norway. Østen and his first wife lived for some years at Lervik in Tysvær number 10 before they moved back to Fosen. He took over the Fosen farm, Bruk Nr. 1, from his mother and her third husband probably in the early 1680's. He owned the farm from 1690 until his death in 1722. He married first Sofie Toresdtr. and they had 4 children; he married second to Ales Bårdsdtr. and they had 2 sons.

child584 ii. Carl (Karl) Danielsen OHM IN VATS.
child iii. Katrine Danielsdtr. FOSEN(775). She married to Peder Tørressen at Vassenden in Nedstrand.

child iv. Rasmus Danielsen FOSEN(776) was born about 1654. He was living at Amdal in Nedstrand.

child v. Knut Danielsen FOSEN(777) was born about 1656.
child vi. Jon Danielsen HAPNES/ÅRVIK(778) (779) was born about 1658. He was living at Årvik in Tysvær number. 4.
child vii. Borghild Danielsdtr. FOSEN(780) was born about 1661. She was married to Lares Rasmussen at Austrei in Strangaland farm unit number (holding). 1 and Meland farm unit number (holding). 1.
child viii. Daniel Danielsen FOSEN(781) was born about 1662. He was living at Trosnavåg in Bokn.
child ix. Lars Danielsen FOSEN(782) was born about 1662. He was living at Hamra in Erfjord number. 7 and Gismarvik farm unit number (holding). 1.

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