112. Joshua CUSHMAN (360)(361) (362) (363)(81) (193) was born on 14 Oct 1707 in Plympton, Plymouth Co., MA. (194)(193) [Tim Cushman's data indicates possible birth places of Kingston, MA, & Lebonon, CT; Cushman Family Group Sheets give Kingston, Plymouth, MA.] He died on 25 Mar 1764 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. He was buried in Congregational Church Cemetery, Marshfield, MA. "The seven children [incl. Joshua] were bp. Plymouth in 1718."
First married to Mary Soule (b 1706, d 1750) of Duxbury on 2 Jan 1733; they had 8 children: Joseph (b 1733), Joshua (b 1734), Mary (b 1736), Ezra (b 1738), Paul ( b 1741), Apollos (b 1744), Cephas (b 1745), and Soule (b 1748). Second marriage to Deborah Ford of Marshfield. Joshua came from Lebanon, CT., and settled in Duxbury. He was married to Deborah FORD on 5 Mar 1752 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA.(364)

113. Deborah FORD (365) was born on 17 Feb 1718 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. (366) She died on 1 Jul 1789 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA.(367) She was buried in Congregational Church Cemetery, Marshfield, MA. Children were:

child i. Capt. Consider CUSHMAN(368) (369) was born on 12 Apr 1755 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. He died on 14 Jul 1818 in Benton, NY. Apprenticed at age 15 to John Latham to learn the carpenter's trade. Married Phebe Townsen 1779 in Kent, NY; they had 6 children: Mial, Deborah, Gilbert, Sophia, Matilda, and Bela. He served in the Revolutionary War eventually being commissioned Captain in the New York Militia.
"Married: Phebe Townsend Cushman in 1779 in Kent, Duchess (now Putnam) County, New York. Children: Mial Cushman (died young), Deborah Cushman (died young), Gilbert Cushman, Sophia Cushman Boyd, Matilda Cushman Ketcham, Bela Cushman, Ira Cushman, Persis Cushman (died young), Achsa Cushman Whitaker, Charles Cushman, and Malinda Cushman Sprague. Consider's father, Joshua Cushman, was dying when Consider was young and he was bound to John Latham as an apprentice to learn the carpenter's trade when he 15 years old. He is known to have served in the Revolutionary War, probably enlisting in Massachusetts. His nameis found on a roll of Revolutionary soldiers at Albany, New York. He settled in Kent, NY, where he was a farmer and held various town offices, and was a member of the Baptist Church. In 1786 he was commissioned by Gov. Clinton of New York as a Lieutenant in Co. 8 of the New York Militia, and in 1793 he was commissioned a Captain in the same company." (Renie Cervone,, Cushman/Johnson/Avery/Newcomb Genealogy,
child ii. Robert CUSHMAN(370) (193) was born in Nov 1758.(192) (194) [Tim Cushman's data has birth on 11 Feb 1758 at Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; Cushman Family Group Sheets also have that date.] He died on 11 Sep 1837 in Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA. Lived in Marshfield and married Persis Phillips 7 Apr 1785.
child56 iii. Mial CUSHMAN.
child iv. Deborah CUSHMAN(371) was born on 11 Apr 1762. (192) She died on 29 May 1828 in Deer Island, ME. She was buried in Deer Island, ME.(194) Married Edward Silvester.

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