South Humboldt Bay 21 Feb 2010 -- At the north end of the south spit --- Among human footprints were those of various birds, raccoons, and even deer way out here. A rather hungry or at least predatory hawk also circled the shrubbery.  Peg enjoys the vista of sand, bay and sky - while Keith recalls his new learnings about the center of this photo.  Locals might recognize parts of the PG&E electrical power plant showing just to the left of the small hill.  This is an area that is more recently called Buhne Point and King Salmon, but earlier had been variously called Red Bluff, Humboldt Point, Spruce Point and Humboldt City by white settlers.  Even earlier it was a native Wiyot village called Djorokegochkok.  No space here for the all too common sad tale of what happened to this native village just across from the Bay's entrance.  Maybe there was some justice as the energetically planned Humboldt City "lasted quick" (i.e., gone in about a year; 1850-51) and natural wave action eroded away much of the bluff and point.

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