2003 -- We make a short winter visit

Only one month previous to this February visit, Rotraud had undergone surgery for removal of two cancerous tumors.  She was determined to keep a positive attitude and not to dwell on the illness.  She had had a chemo treatment just the week before.  We tried to keep the socializing to a minimum, but apparently, that is not the Norwegian way.

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Rotraud and Peg enjoy a book sent from the California Roney cousins. A breakfast interview with NRK-TV's Sigmund Hansen & the Slooper Bautastein project begins. Rotraud and family friend, Andreas, discuss the fine points of a digital camera before taking the next photo.
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Recovering from an early chemo treatment, her positive attitude was her strongest medicine. Good friend, Signey Hetervik, invites the American guests to her home. Rotraud entertains Emily Årvik and Peg in the Slogvik living room.

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