New Zealand Photo Album - #1 of

(before wedding - October 7-9 2004 - Thu-Sat.)


     With our eldest son Richard getting married in New Zealand, we left northern California early on Tuesday, October 5th.  We flew Qantas Air across much of the Pacific, the equator and the date line.  We arrived in Auckland, NZ, on the Thursday the 7th "their time/date."   As the wedding was to take place mid-October in the bride's home town in the north end of the south island, we had time to do a little touring and visiting both before and after the wedding.  Here is the 1st of 4 albums of such touring.   (To jump to the 1st of 3 Wedding Photo Albums, CLICK HERE.)

The Aspen House B&B on a quiet street in downtown Auckland where we stayed for the first two days.

A little park across the street from the hotel had some amazing and well-cared for ancient trees

It was October & Spring in this hemisphere, along with the requisite rain which made all the green happen.

Here is a photo looking up at Auckland's signature logo, the Sky Tower -- over 1000 feet high (328 metres).

From the observation level, we saw this view of the downtown and our hotel area approx. NNE.

To the NW lies the Auckland Harbor Bridge and the huge Westhaven Marina.

It was breast cancer awareness week & this tractor is painted pink for the occasion.

Here is the view toward the city from the Auckland Museum steps.

The entrance to this world class  museum which holds extensive treasures of NZ history & culture.

Keith appreciates this classic Maori structure -- a pataka or storage house (a stabbur?).

Peg appreciates the fine example of early boating of the Maori peoples.  

A special exhibit of fashion wars.  This may not have been 1st prize, but it caught our eye.

The many and various treasures of Maori carving were awesome and impressive.

Then we rented a car which Peg drove (on the left mind you) to Wellington over the next few days.  

Once out of the city, the frequent and accessible rest stops seemed to always have resident chickens.

We stopped often just to get a feel for and enjoy the different flora.  

Here the photo does not do justice to the lush tree fern forests.  Think -- redwoods, folks.

Peg, always enjoys an arrangement of stones.  These were almost as beautiful as Norway.

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