Album 13 - Drive west - Tingambato & Uruapan

January 13, 2006  -  Leaving Pátzcuaro, we drive west taking the older, slower "free" road.  We are not in a hurry - and our destination this day is the larger town of Uruapan, one of the larger cities in the Mexican state of Michoacán.  About midway to our destination, we have a very special experience in the smaller town of Tingambato.


Our first encounter is a group of cows which also were not in a hurry.

We notice the traffic up ahead seems to have stopped for some kind of procession

There was the now familiar sound of bottle rockets going off.  Clearly this was some kind of celebration.

The banner proclaims that this little town of Tingambato welcomes pilgrims to their patron's festival.

We walk along the sidewalk to try to get a bit ahead of some of the members of the parade.

Confetti strewn heads watch this Christ figure being carried along the street.

Papel picado flutter overhead adding a festive and cloud-like appearance to the scene.

It's always a joy to see young people playing music.  These kids were having a good time.

We were impressed with this particular banner which announced pilgrims from many cities in Calif, as well as Seattle, WA.

This family was proud to be in the parade - Dad was happy to have his picture taken - Son not quite so.

Jack is welcomed by a friendly and cordial face & then christened with a load of confetti.

These cool dudes in the maroon uniforms had a lot of heart and enjoyed themselves.

This rather professional uniform says this is "Banda Rubi"

Another angle we photographed of this band shows how seriously they were taking their job.

This pick-up "float" of baby angels in their feather wings was popular as mothers hovered nearby.

These striking traditional costumes caught our eye and called for a photo.

Fully "christened" with confetti delivered by a friendly old man & woman from the parade, we feel honored to have participated.

Peg leans over to show the extent of the confetti - much of which would be falling out of our clothes & car for days to come!

We stopped along side the road to be sure that these miles of groves of trees were indeed avocado - then on to Uruapan.

Looking down toward the main town square from our centrally located Hotel Concordia in Uruapan.

We visit an old textile mill turned into an artisan venue - just a nice walk southwest of our hotel.

The courtyard of the late 19th century "Fabrica San Pedro" mill is classic colonial architecture of stone. 

The garden grounds are beautifully groomed.  There is ample evidence that one of the largest water-powered mills in the region once existed here.

We come across a macadamia nut shop & stop to make a few purchases - and think back to our Valhalla macadamia visit in Guatemala.

In the evening, Keith hears music & catches these girls practicing a folk dance on the stage at the plaza.

The guys join the scene and are put through their paces by the instructor.

A main visual feature of this dance appears to be the full skirts of the ladies which are cleverly swished.

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