Album 8- Cofradia de Suchitlan Leading Up to New Years

December 29-31, 2005 (actually final photos in this album taken in the early minutes of Jan. 1, 2006)  - While staying at the Project Amigo Hacienda, we keep busy with projects, visiting and day trips out to other places, including a drive down the coast in to the state of Michoacan and a day in the town of Cómala.  We wind up this album and the year 2005 with a New Year's Eve celebration on the next block here in the little village - that being the home of Doña Meche & Lorenzo.  


On the 29th, Ted drives us to the coast & down into the state of Michoacan.

Stopping at one of Ted's favorite watering holes, we enjoy drinks & food.

Music is also on the agenda when these young musicians stop by for a song or two.

Farther down the beach we come to an overlook above Brises, where we made reservations for a stay after the 1st of year.

We explore another beach where many gringos apparently come to surf.

Next morning, the 30th, it is back to projects like finishing this fence paint job.

Then time for a walk around the village of Cofradia de Suchitlan - here is a view of the gardin or central plaza.

Walking east toward the main road up the mountain, Peg, Susan & Jack pause near the school & the parked local bus.

Peg gets Keith in this shot beside the local coffee processing facility and the friendly volcano in the background.

Here we see some of the freshly picked coffee bean drying.

... and a close-up of the colorful beans ...

... and some ripening beans still on a small tree in front of this facility.

Making the southern loop back to the center of town, we stop to watch the children playing in a playground in a newly developed housing area.

Back just a half block from the Hacienda, Susan & Peg do some shopping at Doña Meche's store, as husband Lorenzo stands by to help.

On New Year's Eve morning several of us finish up an eyeglass organizing project for the upcoming Project Amigo vision workshop. Jack Grimes, far right, supervises.

Then it is time for Jack, Susan, Peg & Keith to get used to the borrowed van & drive down the hill to visit the pleasant colonial town of Cómala.

It is a busy day at the famous local botana bars lining one side of the jardin.

Talented bands for hire vie for the opportunities to serenade customers here - this colorful band even had a harpist as part of the group!

Time for a photo op with the Cómala Church in the background (Susan, Jack & Peg - foreground left).

As we were invited to a New Year's Eve party, we thought it best to buy some beverages on the way out of town - here we chose the drive-through liquor store.

Invited to share another holiday with neighbors Meche & Lorenzo - Ted, Susan & Jack Grimes enjoy evening snacks and drinks.

As midnight neared, all of us party-goers had to doff appropriate headgear.

Jack Rogers & his new friend adjust their caps.

The ladies had to toot their horns in addition to modeling fancy paper crowns.

Along with midnight toasts, it was time for every one to exchange warm hugs and back pats.

Now it was time to move out toward the street for the requisite fireworks.

Booming bottle rockets were most popular and heard all over the village.

These gringos hugged the far wall in hopes that they wouldn't be hit by any stray fireworks or spent bullets (L-R: Jan & Jack Grimes; Susan & Jack Rogers).

Two good friends, Peg & Susan, greet the year 2006 with happy smiles.

With 2006's entry well celebrated, it is time to say goodnight to our hosts Lorenzo & Meche (Jan in background).

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