Album 4 - Copán Ruinas, The Town, Honduras

     December 17-20, 2005  -  After a long, but interesting, bus ride, we arrive at the small mountain town of Copán Ruinas near the border with Guatemala.  We check in to the Plaza Copán Hotel for the first 2 nights of our stay here in this delightful village.  We will move across the street for our last night to try a different and slightly less expensive hotel.  This album presents photos of just the town and views of surrounding mountains.  The next album, Nr. 4, will focus on our tour out to the famous Mayan ruins & interpretive center located just a short distance from town.


We are fortunate to get an upstairs room at the Plaza Copán right next to the church & with a balcony overlooking the town plaza. 

A comfortable room, but Peg needs to straighten a little art work before we settle in.

Enjoying the balcony as it becomes dark, Peg is able to get this dim shot of a wedding party entering the church next door.

Morning views from the balcony are spectacular - this being the view to the south

This northwesterly view is across the very attractive & well kept town plaza.

Peg uses a comfortable corner of our balcony to catch up with her journaling. 

This is the view up towards the west from inside the hotel garden.

Out on  the streets we enjoy the colorful buildings and friendly folks.

Across to the northwest corner of the plaza, we find what becomes our favorite coffee shop.

A good breakfast, along with great rich Honduran coffee, is enjoyed at Welchez Cafe Bar.

Their "Welchez Copan Gourmet Coffee" is among the best in our opinion!

The view from this café is also great, even on a rainy morning with "tuk-tuks" lined up across the street.

On a brighter afternoon we stroll down this street where local vendors display their wares.

Café Nia Lola was recommended to us for our first meal.  It was very good.

Our first experience with this great marketing idea: combination laundromat and cyber café.

The stage at the central plaza.  This plaza was well utilized by the town for numerous events.

Pick up taxis arrive in town for an early drop off of over 20 passengers.

Sunset over the town plaza from our Plaza Copán balcony.

Tuk-tuks, or motor taxis as they are called here, were a very efficient & inexpensive way to get around - & were reminiscent of Thailand.

Peg at the daily vegetable market just west of the town plaza.

Museo de Arqueologia Maya on the SW corner of the town square is a repository of some great artifacts of historical significance and well-presented.

Peg examines a stela display in a large room of other objects 

This "Altar U" (Ritos de los Gobernantes) is preserved here rather than kept at the site where it was found originally.

Peg get a closer look at some of the carved Mayan artifacts.

Keith stands beside the stela in honor of the Viking bautastein of his own heritage.

On the edge of the town looking toward the south east countryside.

At the delightful Casa de Todo, Peg takes a beer break & studies the menu with the Berlitz phrase book at hand. Keith liked the food & Internet café part of this has-all establishment.

For our last night in Copán, we move across the street to Hotel Yaragua which has a helpful Yaraua Tours office next door.

Peg relaxes in the hammock outside our room.

When it rained, the plants were all moved out in the center to catch the water.

From an upstairs restaurant, we observe a Christmas pageant parade with music and children.

This is a night shot of the lights across the plaza looking toward the open door of the church.

On the morning we leave Copán, a local family brings in beribboned straw reindeer to sell for Xmas decorations.

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