Week 2, part B - Tela, Honduras

Dec. 15-17, 2005 --- As part of a Hondu-Tours package arranged by Mauricio on the Island, we were taken directly from the wildlife preserve to the small city of Tela further west on the north coast of Honduras.  There we would stay in an upscale hotel, explore the town for a couple of days, bid farewell to our friend Suska who had to return to Michigan, and then start a bus trip inland.


We checked in at the huge front office Hotel Villas Telamar located several blocks & across the bridge west of downtown Tela.

This hotel is a very large complex with many older wooden "villas" that can be rented in part or full.

We had a very large up-to-date modern room in one of the new buildings near the swimming pool/recreation complex.

Our gracious room had this wonderful view of the beach & sea from its little private patio.

Sue/Suska & Peg were soon striking out for a walk down the beach toward the town - shown here in the distance.

Entering the downtown area, we came across this interesting looking church.

Peg was able to get this great shot of the interior of the church which highlighted its interesting wooden construction.

A view of a typical busy street near the center of town.

We really enjoyed this artificial Xmas tree next to the town plaza - apparently sponsored by Coca-Cola.

The sun having set in the background, we head across the bridge and back toward the hotel.

The next morning was time to say our goodbyes to Suska as she took the modern Hedman Alas bus to San Pedro Sula to catch her flight home.

We would go back in to town to enjoy a little shopping visits to some cafés, many of them facing the lovely beach located just a couple of blocks from the city plaza. 

We enjoyed this little town, but found later that we did not take very many photos.

On our walks between the hotel & town, however, we kept finding beautiful flowers in bloom.

Reminding ourselves that this was mid December & that it was probably snowing at home, we just had to share these colorful local flowers.

Another walk on the beach as the moon came up over over distant Tela (we found such walks quite safe, despite the warnings in some guide books.

In our spacious & comfortable hotel room, Peg enjoys checking e-mail using the fast WiFi service provided by the hotel (direct connect broadband is available if you bring your own cord).

After a lazy & restful morning, we caught the 1st class Hedman Alas bus which took us first to San Pedro Sula & then on inland & up in the mountains to the town of Copán Ruinas. Beautiful countryside to be seen on this drive, but there were signs of flood/storm damage in many drainages & low areas.

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