2nd Europe Report (10 images) - Original short version

   We get used to our little neighborhood and begin to venture out to some more distant destinations that our son and his wife wanted to share with us. On his 2 weekend days, we drove south to the Ardennes, a rich mountainous region ( well, hills to us -- mountains to them)
   Green countryside everywhere, threats of rain. The first day we went to an ancient site of dolmens (stones piled for shelter or burial) and menheirs (tall stone monuments or bautastein in Norwegian) On Sunday we went with Karen again to the Ardennes to visit a Trappist Monastery that is known for its fine beer. They have been so successful with their beer (and cheese) that they have built a complete new monastery beside the ruins of the original. Our favorite thing to do is walk among the ruins. We included several other beautiful towns and churches on these trips. The countryside it dotted with them and each is unique and always pleasing to the eye.
   During the week, Keith and I explore the very walkable town of Namur finding bakeries, book shops, restaurants -- even a Thai one, and checking out the rail system.

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