Thursday, Sep. 20, 2007 - Norway - Kleppe to Stavanger's Sola Airport - Flight to Brussels via Oslo's Gardermoen Airport

This would be the day we leave Norway to fly back to Belgium. This week had passed too quickly. We feel so very, very fortunate that we have such close and good friends in this country. It was wonderful to reestablish personal contact - to have time to visit - to enjoy their hospitality - and to experience the fantastic sharing and touring about that was given to us. How very fortunate we are!  And, yet, we would have liked to spend more time in our beloved Norway.  And, in leaving we realized that we were not able to meet with other friends and distant relatives in this part of the world.  BUT, we remind ourselves of the true gift of this past week - and it is time to return to our son's home in Brussels and prepare to visit more of Europe.  MANGE TUSEN TAKK VENNER !!!


A cloudy fall day greets us from the window of the Seldal home's guest bedroom. The view is towards the suburban parts of sprawling Kleppe (Verdalen & Bore).

After our last tasty Norwegian breakfast & our farewells to Kate, we head for the airport just as all the neighborhood kids are heading off to school.

We are soon driving through the rich pastoral farmland south of the Sola Airport.

Ever the considerate tour guide, Gunleif takes some side roads to give us some new scenery - like this beach view near Sola.

Time to say goodbye to "cousin" Gunleif & board our flight. We are soon airborne & looking down on those coastal farms through which we just recently drove.

As we quickly gain altitude, the clouds will soon obscure our view as we turn & fly towards Oslo. The flying time will be short (50 min.), but will give us time to reflect again on our good fortune with such wonderful contacts in this country.

Landing at Oslo's Gardermoen Airport we hurry to go from domestic to international terminals. On the way we do a double-take as we pass this Aquavit Bar. No, we didn't stop for a drink, but did buy a small bottle of Linie & aquavit glasses in the duty free shop. 

With only a little layover, we are soon in the air again. Looking down at more Norwegian farm land through the clouds, we will have a little less than 2 hours flying south.  

Breaking through the cloud layer, we recognize the orderly planted woods near Belgian farms.

Flaps come down & we are descending in preparation to landing at Brussels. We will take advantage of our confidence using Brussels efficient public transportation system (both bus & Metro this time, with smooth connections).

Actually this gourmet dining photo was taken the next day, Fri., Sep. 21. We needed a day away from touring to rest, catch our breath, shop & prepare for our next adventure in to France. After grocery shopping in one of our son's favorite big markets, we treat ourselves to coffee & rich Belgian ice cream.

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