Sunday, Sep. 9, 2007 - Mass/Music at St. Michael's, LePetit Sablon Park, Military Museum, Waterloo


The word was "No need to dress up" to attend this morning mass for the choral and organ music.

No photos from the interesting St.Michael's service, but this shot of its grand pipe organ is in tribute to the fantastic music we heard this AM.

After church, it was a short walk to find Peg a must for any Belgium visitor - an authentic treat, a true street vendor's warm sweet waffle. 

Walking on in the central part of the city, we come to the charming Sablon area and "Le Petit Sablon" park.

One could spend much time checking out the metal sculptures here that depict 48 medieval trade guilds around the perimeter, as well as some larger statues inside of local historical folks.

This delightful small park is just next to another one of Patrick's favorite churches.

Peg realizes that her "in-vogue" shoes look very much like those on the very famous local geographer, Gerard Mercator (1512-1594).

War memorials are very common throughout Europe, but this one in particular caught Keith's eye - even with an offering of one of Belgium's finest beers, Chimay.

What would a Sunday outing in Brussels be without taste testing some of Belgium's great ice cream..?

Next stop, the Park du Cinquantenaire with its prominent "Central Archway."

To the right of the Arch, we enter the Military Museum which displays a fascinating huge array of military implements and uniforms from medieval times to current days.

Keith searches for clues about the military reenactment seen at Namur, as well as for any WWI information that might yield clues about his father's experience in this part of the world during that war.

Peg is able to capture this great photo of the many brass military musical instruments on display here.

Patrick was more interested in capturing this somewhat interesting display of a more modern vehicle of war or rescue.

Keith reminisces about the many hours he spent flying in one of these DC-3 "Gooney Birds." 

Next it was time to climb some stairs that led from the museum up to the top of the Central Archway which is crowned "by the symbolic bronze sculpture Brabant Raising the National Flag."

From atop the Archway one gets an expansive view of the city. This view is down the Ave. de Tervuren Laan to the southeast & out of the city.  CLICK HERE for a panorama.  

Turning 180 degrees we get this view of the park looking back toward the center of the city. CLICK HERE for a panorama from this vantage point.

A few short miles south of the city we come to this artificial hill made as a monument to one of the world's most noted wars. Has any student not heard of Waterloo and who met what here...?

An apt named café near this complex related to the Waterloo monument.

CLICK HERE for a panorama we made of the farm fields just outside of this monument complex.


This telephoto view shows the lion sculpture atop this man-made hill. No, we chose not to try the climb up the long stairway, but did go in to view the 360 degree panorama of Napoleon's last battle.

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