Photo Gallery & Impressions IX


Coming down with a tropical head cold, Keith observes his birthday in a low mood, but thanks to the delivery of a cake by Ted and Susan his spirits are lifted.  We then attend a Rotary meeting of the Ban Pong Rotary club for the first meeting held by the new president, our friend Supanus.  Some good doctoring and medicines provided by Yupadee's M.D. niece quickly brought Keith back to health.

Keith admires the handsome box cover of this surprise birthday cake we found in our refrigerator.  Minutes later, Ted and Susan arrive admitting to the crime.

A special inscription (in English).  This may have been a little tricky for the Thai bakery folks.

Here is a close-up of the box top which quite caught our fancy.  The cake being fancy enough, this was a proverbial "icing" on the cake. (We decided to use this image for Ted & Susan's web pages.)

At the Rotary meeting which was VERY well attended, past presidents were honored.

Ted and Keith sit with the guys at another table.  We 4 volunteer English teachers were royally honored and presented with garlands and words of appreciation.

These fine and fragrant garlands of jasmine, rose buds, and a little white bloom called "the flower of love," go into this lovely crafted flower work.

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