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Yupadee had some scheduled business in Bangkok and invited Peggy and Susan to accompany her and visit Rama IX Park and Botanical Garden for a couple of hours while she took care of business.  The park is quite large and include ample water features with areas for water sports.    

This exciting scene greets the visitors to the park from this entrance.  

Reflecting pools and fountain features are lined with carefully choreographed color accents.

The highest point in the park is the gallery which houses several displays about the King's life.  It is  at the end of this reflecting pool

Water features such as this provide a reason for charming bridges and other eye-appealing scenes.

This Most unusual tree was sporting a most unusual flower (see detail on right) Unfortunately there were no English subtitles on the signs.

Here is the aforementioned flower.  Probably the size of an orange, it was like no other flower  I've ever seen.

A common plant in this climate, this star shaped lily has real appeal.

The close-up of a hedge of pink was quite plentiful, but none the less beautiful.

In a shaded sheltered and even more humid environment, was this charming fern, one of many.

How would you make a desert environment amid a tropical humid one? You put it under a geodesic dome.  And I thought Bangkok was hot.

These two king's men entertain themselves (and us) as they "guard" the desert biome.  

A flying photo as we passed this construction site on the return trip.  Workers are seen amid the rebar.  What you can't see is that this was several stories off the ground.

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