Photo Gallery & Impressions VII


On Sunday of the long holiday weekend (marking the beginning of the 3- month-long Buddhist Lent), Ted showed Keith around Ban Pong on the motorbikes, and Yupadee took Peggy and Susan  to Nakon Pathom for a school function in observance of the holiday. This took place at Wat Pra Pathom, a wat Keith and Peg had previously visited with happy memories  This chedi is renown as the world's tallest Buddhist monument.  Later they all went to Yupadee's younger brother's home in Ban Pong to meet her sister and husband and their son from Bangkok.  Everyone then enjoyed a sumptuous fish dinner at a favorite family restaurant.

The world's tallest Chedi (120 m.) in nearby NakomPathom is the site of today's religious observance attended by Peg, Yupadee and Susan.

Yupadee's students and those of several other local schools earn merit by circling the interior chedi space 3 times and singing songs of devotion and respect.

From a higher point, you can see the extent of the procession of school children

These relief carvings of various celestial beings grace the wall of a portion of the wat.

This is the exact spot Keith and Peg took pictures on their last trip to this wat.  It is an ancient small chedi surrounded by charming indigenous plants.

Susan gets a photo of her favorite Buddha statue. 

The oval openings lead into the center of the structure where the children walked.  These 3 reclining Buddha appear relaxed.

Later that afternoon, we visit with Yupadee's younger sister and family who were visiting from Bangkok at another brother's luxury home in Ban Pong (shown here & next photo).

TheYupadee's nephew Oab in the graduation robe has just earned his masters degree in the information technology field from Bangkok. His proud father Prakit is on the right

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