Photo Gallery & Impressions IV


Our Thailand adventure continues with the first week that we have classes at
Boromarajonani College of Nursing. Here is just a sampler of photos from these 4 days. This weekend is a very special holiday here in Thailand, "Kaopansa" (also "Arsanrahabucha"). We will be leaving the college and the Ban Pong area tomorrow, Friday, Jul. 10, for a holiday trip to the south and the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. We will be staying 4 nights in the coastal resort town of Hua Hin.

Our son gives Keith orders to buy flowers for his mother. Keith reluctantly spends a whole 10 baht on this lovely bouquet of orchids (25 cents!).

It rains nearly every day here we are taking a walk out from the college campus in a light rain, Keith gets this nice photo of Peg.

Construction workers prepare a cement pad on a structure near the cafeteria at the college.

Peg prepares to meet with the first class of 2nd year students in our very nice classroom.

Our life saver, Mr. Golf, the A-V and computer specialist.

"A" serves us our meals in a private little dining room. His English is excellent and he is very friendly and helpful.

The entry to the nursing college administration building has a statue bust of the mother of the king who was a nurse. She is held in high regard here.

On our first foray out into the world of motorcycling around the local countryside finds this stop sign "just because." Keith tried to get used to driving on the left side of the road and looking for stop signs also on the left.

Rice fields can be found in any stage of development as they usually get up to 3 crops per year. Here is a type of harvesting.

Recently harvested fields and a dramatic sky were part of the adventure which also included getting rather lost (thank goodness we followed Ted's advice and brought our Garmin GPS along).

We found our way back in time for this sumptuous lunch.

Keith insisted on taking Peg's picture outside her new classroom to contrast the one he took as she closed the door on her old one in Mad River not 4 weeks ago.

Our first abbreviated class of the Nursing College staff. Most faculty were at a conference in Bangkok this Wednesday, but will join us next week. There will be 15 or so eventually.

The girls take the opportunity to go to a local restaurant while the guys had their "guys night out" (Peg had the camera) Shown are Yupadee the local ESL instructor, Rotarian, and author with Susan Hill, the other Rotarian who with her husband, Ted are responsible for our presence in Thailand.

Students prepare a float for a parade to honor their holiday .

Keith gives instruction to first year students. They're are much more prepared than we expected.

Two students accompany us to the cafeteria after class. Behind is the main dining hall. You can see the special furniture of the staff dining table on the left.

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