Photo Gallery 30 - Supplement - Stingray

Sept. 17, 2003

    During our 1998 visit to Thailand we impulsively bought a "stingray wallet" for our oldest son Richard.  We knew nothing about such things other than it seemed an attractive gift and was made from the skin of a stingray.  After we returned to the states and gave Rich the wallet, we happened into an upscale leather boutique and saw similar wallets priced at many times what we had paid in Bangkok.  Rich had asked for another such wallet, and both Peg & Keith decided they would like one.  We ended up bringing back several as gifts for friends and family.

    These photos were taken at the "Union & World Class Co., Ltd." factory/store near the city of Trang in Trang Province of far south Thailand.  The interesting thing we learned about this product is that the stingray is fished for food, and in the past the skin was just discarded.  Now it can be used and helps the local economy.  We were assured that stingrays were far from any danger of extinction.

Peg backs out of the Trang Tuk-Tuk that brought us out to the "World Class" business.  Nice spirit house out front.

Inside their modern & air-conditioned showroom, it doesn't take Keith long to start making selections.

Wallets purchased, Keith next decides he needs a stingray belt.

Peg takes this photo of one of the store's attractive displays.

[The background for this page is from Peg's green woman's wallet.]

Purchases made, we then get a tour of the factory behind the store. Here we are shown the skin with its green color before it is dyed some of the more popular colors, black being the most common. 

We get to pose with a couple of employees in the part of the factory where the skins are processed in large vats & tumbled in big drums.

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