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PHOTO SAMPLER - Ayutthaya, Part II - 31 August 2003 (Sunday) 

Peg gets caught mid-coffee at the far end of the hotel breakfast dining area. On the other side of the glass is the attractive the riverside garden restaurant where we enjoyed fine guitar music the night before.

Here is a daylight picture of the boat on which we had such a pleasant dinner cruise the previous evening.

A few more happy elephants we had overlooked before because we had been happily listening to the music entertainment.

Taking a tuk-tuk on a circular trip around the old city center, we get this view of the street behind us as we travel along the southern edge of the old island city.

Here is an interesting shop in two languages and tile flooring. Maybe not great history, but this quick shot from the moving tuk-tuk turned out well & shows modern business life in the city famous for ancient ruins.

One of the spectacular sights of the previous evening's cruise was coming up to the riverside Wat Chaiwatthanaram which was flooded with light. Our photos couldn't capture the subtle & beautiful lighting.

Now, on a rainy morning, we could take photos & try to remember it as viewed from the river.

We vividly recall the lightening flashing behind these impressive structures.

Again, Peg was very impressed with the visual images of brick & detail work on these ruins.

Peg & our tuk-tuk driver pose in front of what is often called "one of the most imposing ancient Buddhist monasteries."

Built in 1630 AD, this wat consists of a Khmer-type prang (rounded tower) surrounded by 4 pointed prangs & 8 even shorter pointed prangs.

Back across the river heading in to the city we see this speedboat pulling rubber rafts upriver. Wat Kasattrathirat is just across the river.

Here we pass the Chedi of Queen Suriyothai - the beloved legendary heroine of the Ayutthaya period. Check out the Suriyothai movie web site.

Now down a back street, we get to see more of everyday life in this interesting city.

In the northwest part of the city, behind the ancient palace area we visited yesterday, we come to Wat Lokayasutharam & the huge reclining Buddha image that here dwarfs Peg (37 meters long, 8 high).

We decided to have the tuk-tuk driver drop us off at the centrally located Wat MahaThat complex where we would spend the next couple of hours.

Construction of Wat MahaThat began in 1374 by one king, but was completed later by another king later in that century. It was restored several times.

This wat was a royal monastery & served as the headquarters for an important sect of monks in past history.

The weight of some of these ancient brick structures has obviously caused some sinking.

Reportedly, much looting of this area took place in the distant past, but more recently excavations & restorations are preserving this special place.

Here is an interesting visual study of the "old" & "new" ...

This fine Buddha image has been nicely restored.

The remains of hundreds of Buddha images line several walls here, most images missing their heads or complete upper bodies.

Some interesting detail on these sandstone blocks.

The most famous artifact in this wat is the head of a Buddha image held by the roots of this tree.

The plaque by Keith reads, "The Head of the Sandstone Buddha Image. All that remains of this sandstone Buddha image is part of the head, while the body has disappeared. The head is in the style of the Ayutthaya period. It lies beneath a Bodhi tree beside the minor wihans."

An uncommon side view of this Buddha image head. This is an extremely popular site for tourists and photographers.

Keith was intrigued with the brickwork on these structures, as well as the well in the foreground. He took a photo looking down it before we left this area to start our return journey to Bangkok.

With heavy rains coming on, we took the bus from Ayutthaya to the New Northern Bangkok Bus Terminal (shown here).

After a long "stop & go" taxi ride through heavy Sunday afternoon Bangkok traffic, we finally reached the New Southern Bus Terminal (west side of Bangkok..?). Here Peg buys our tickets for Bus 81 back to Ban Pong.  We were very tired - but a great weekend!

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