Photo Gallery & Impressions 22a

PHOTO SAMPLER - Nakom Pathom with Yupadee on way to Bangkok to bid Ted & Susan farewell; 29-31 Aug. 2003

For this 3-day weekend we planned to take the bus to Bangkok to see our friends Ted and Susan one last time before they flew back to their home. We would then travel a little north to the city of Ayutthaya on Saturday & Sunday.  However, our dear friend Yupadee suggested that we might want to go with her to Nakom Pathom where she teaches (56 km west of Bangkok). Her college was having their annual parade and competition day.  We could see a little part of this nearby city.  She would then take us to catch the bus on to Bangkok. 

Our first stop would be the "Charlie" Mangala-Asana Mansion (Phra Tamnak Chali Mongkhon At) on the grounds of the Sanam Chandra Palace, constructed by order of King Rama VI in 1907 when he was the Crown Prince. To the right of Yupadee & Peg is the statue of the King's dog "Ya-Le."

Behind this unusual Mansion is an elevated hallway that connects the mansion with the Phra Tamnak Mari Ratchabanlang building across the canal. This second building holds many artifacts and writings of King Rama VI.

And near to the afore mentioned buildings is this Thai-style house called "Tamnak Thap Khwan" which once served as King Rama VI's temporary residence.

But while we visited these interesting historic buildings, we heard & saw cheerleaders practicing their skills - an interesting contrast.

Then it was time to go to the stadium where the 4 colorful student groups from Nakhom Pathom Vocational College were assembling after the parade.

Each year students are randomly assigned to a color group -red, green, yellow or blue - for competitions and pageantry

This year Yupadee was part of the blue group. Each group had their own chosen theme and colorful costumes.

As the last of the yellow group leaves the field, the blues prepare to march off.

Yes - it was now time for the cheerleading competition.  These young ladies represented the blues.

... and the yellow team struts their stuff ...

... then the blues with their parasols.  (Sorry, but we couldn't get any good photos of the red & green teams from where we were in the grandstand.

These lovely students in full traditional Thai costume agreed to pose for Keith.

Behind the grandstand Keith got some interesting photos of the pageant participants.

Quite a change of pace as Keith gets another photo of a local lady from the bus just as we leave the station. To the right you can see her cleaning trash out of the canal with a bamboo rake.

A common site in many parts of the city of Nakom Pathom is the spire of the famous Phra Pathom Chedi. This towering stucture is almost 400 feet high (120.45 meters).

This photo of this famous landmark & holy Buddhist religious shrine was taken by Peg in July. 


We then had an enjoyable afternoon & evening with Ted & Susan at the Asia Airport Hotel north of Bangkok, but took no photos.  They would fly out early the next morning headed back to their home in Mexico and their Project Amigo program.

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