Photo Gallery & Impressions 21

PHOTO SAMPLER - Overnight trip to Kanchanaburi - 26-27 August 2003

We had a 2 month visa that needed to be extended for another month. Our friend Jing found that all we had to do was go a relatively short distance northwest to the town of Kanchanaburi that had an office that renews visas. We had enjoyed our previous visits to this area and decided to stay overnight at Sam's Guesthouse - a picturesque and reasonable place that we had seen briefly on an earlier trip here. After a comfortable bus ride from Ban Pong and a pickup-taxi to the office south of town, we had our extensions in less time than expected.

Now it was another breezy pickup-taxi ride north to Sam's, which is located near the famous bridge over the River Kwai.

Checking in at Sam's, it was now time for a relaxing lunch & time for reading on the outdoor part of their restaurant overlooking the River side rooms.

Peg comes down the boardwalk over the marshy area to our waterfront bungalow.

We chose a cabin at the far end where we were assured a quiet night's rest.

Our cabin faced a slough or waterway out to the River Kwai. Here a "long-tail" backs in to pick up a tour group (See our Album 11a & this photo for our previous visit here.)

A tranquil view from our little porch as a light rain falls.

Talk about a kid in a candy store -- Here Peg finds a cookie store. Primarily a wholesale shop, the folks are willing to sell a few of the smaller bags to this crazy foreigner.

An inviting entrance that took us in to a Chinese temple grounds and a local school.

Peg looks down on another guest house -- this one floating on the edge of the River Kwai.

We never learned the story behind this windmill or the pagoda, but it made for an interesting photo.

The next day we decided to take a new mode of transportation back to the bus depot. After this requisite photo, Keith got ride on the uncomfortable back of the seat.

This fellow really got a work out and earned the few baht he charged for the ride.  

This was a pleasant way for us to see some of the back streets of Kanchanaburi.

Passing the flower & food market, Keith grabs this shot.

Keith sneaks another candid shot - this one to show the colorful decorations that are often found in the drivers' compartment of buses & trucks.

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