Photo Gallery & Impressions 18

PHOTO SAMPLER - Students/Classes at Boromarajoni College of Nursing, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi Province. Our main reason for spending the summer in Thailand was to teach conversational English to Thai nursing students.  We were volunteer teachers supported by College and the local Rotary Club. The College is a 4 year program, but we taught only students in the first 3 years of the program. The 4th year students had left campus for training in a hospital.

Level 3 (3rd year students) - This July picture of L-3 students shows our modern, comfortable, air-conditioned classroom.

Level 3 - By August, these serious students are also becoming our friends.

Level 3 - While serious about their studies, they can still turn on the warm charm & genuine smiles.

Level 3 - Here they pose after our last class with them Aug. 4 before they moved off campus. We hated to see them leave.

Level 2 (2nd year students) - Our smiling L-2 students in early July.

Level 2 - Yes, they are pointing to their noses. This was our exercise in body parts & following directions.

Level 2 - The class gives us a group pose on their last day.

Level 2 - This group, like L-3, would be leaving soon for their off-campus training assignments.

Level 1 (1st year students) - We had L-1 students the longest as they had to put up with us until early Sept.

Level 1 - Peg takes the handy cordless mike to the back of the room so students there could share their work.

Level 1 - "Them Dry Bones" was a useful song in teaching body parts.

Level 1 - Keith tries to help a couple of students with questions about one of our worksheets.

Level 1 - Students happily imitate stereotype cowboys as they sing, "Don't Fence Me In."

Level 1 - L-1 students surprise us in our last class with them by presenting us with a beautiful student made collage of photos & a poem.

Level 1 - With Peg & Keith getting tears in their eyes, the class sings the full rendition of "More than Words."

Level 1 - Peg winds up our last class by leading everyone in the favorite "Hokey Pokey."

Level 1 - Putting "your tushie in" and "shaking it all about" always brought smiles & laughter.

Level 1 - AV expert, Mr. Golf, comes to our aid in taking this special group photo to capture a very special memorable moment.

Our friends Ted & Susan come to the campus to visit some of the level 3 students they had met when they taught here 2 years ago.

We all enjoyed an evening of reunion and interesting deep discussion.

Fun & food also livened up this reunion evening.

The reunion group poses at the front of our classroom for this group picture.

Keith with 2 of the courageous students who volunteered for extra English conversation.

And here are 2 of the guys brave enough to come in for an evening session of "English  only."

A happy group at the student-run store on campus.

A sad time for us as we prepare to go out for a bike ride, but find some of our students preparing to leave campus for their next training assignments.

Level 4 (?) students - this group of students returned to the campus just before we left. We saw them only in the cafeteria & never had any in our classes.

Meeting you all was a very special privilege for both of us. We will not forget you & we wish you all well with your future endeavors, - P. & K.

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