Photo Gallery & Impressions 16

PHOTO SAMPLER -  Market south of Ban Pong & other Ban Pong Scenes, 17 Aug 2003 & before.

After visiting the orchid farm described in the previous album, our friend Jing took us south of town near the river to the local Folk Museum located on the grounds of the Wat Muang temple. The museum was closed by the time we got there but the helpful folks in charge opened it up for our visit.  It had many items from the early life in the Ban Pong area, however, no photos were permitted inside. Emerging from the museum, we were met with a tropical downpour. The Sunday open-air market held in this wat complex was active with merchants covering their wares or packing up and leaving. The food market being held closer to the river remained open and we were able to get a few photos in this area. We have added a rather random assortment of photos taken previously around Ban Pong in an attempt to portray the diverse flavor of this city to which we have become attached.

The greater Ban Pong area, including its rural parts, has a population of about 124,000.  Reportedly, downtown Ban Pong has about 20,000 folks.  It is located west of Bangkok in the province of Ratchaburi where the railroad out of Bangkok splits (see map).  Our Boromomarajoni College of Nursing is located in the countryside, about 9 km northwest of Ban Pong. On August 28th we moved in to town to stay were friends Ted & Susan had stayed, our friend Yupadee's home. Many of our nursing students had advanced on to other assignments and we had only one more week to teach just one class on campus. It is also time to get ready for traveling before returning home to California.

This requisite photo of the local temple, Wat Muang, was taken from Jing's car as we left the Folk Museum.

Near the wat, while Peg waited in the car, Jing jumped out to by some sticky rice cooked in bamboo - Delicious!

Keith gets a shot of the wet food market. Plastic bags are a handy & common rain hat.

This bridge across the river is for 2-way traffic, but cars must wait their turn for obvious reasons.

Looking down from the bridge we see this unusual sight.

Local paddlers of this traditional Thai boat are practicing for an upcoming race.

Another rainy day in Ban Pong, Peg captures this disserted street scene.

Local dogs & motorcycles seek protection from the rain.

A lotus plant in a dragon pot on the curb outside of friend Yupadee's home.

A typical side street scene with the typical sprouting of antennas above.

The east end of Ban Pong's main street ends at the train station & this elephant round-about.

This view of another downtown main street shows both old &  new buildings.

A modern building at the end of this divided street.

This attractive new place was for rent or sale at a very low price. 

An older neighborhood on one of the side streets.

A typical home/business as we venture a little out from town.

The older wooden style of "shop-house" living quarters above, business below.

Like any progressive city, construction is always happening.

A view down one of our favorite busy back streets.

As Peg walks on ahead, Keith gets this shot of busy street &  preferred mode of transportation for many Thais.

Friend Yupadee conducts private after-school English classes. This is what her front door looks like after the kids arrive.

A view of some of the language students waiting for the English class which will be held in the adjacent room.

The young hosts of our favorite food shop which specializes in papaya pok pok & bar-b-qued chicken - just around the corner from Yupadee's.

Keith finally agrees to a long overdue hair cut at the neighborhood barber lady's shop (40 baht - less than $1.)

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