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Aug. 12th - With no respect for the Queen's birthday, the weather turned bad. We took refuge in our favorite handy internet café.

Later in the day the rain let up enough for us to enjoy a walk near the river. Here Keith gets a shot of a dilapidated old home.

In contrast, this older traditional Thai house has been nicely restored & preserved.

A rainy day does not help the tuk-tuk business as 4 wait here without customers.

Keith could not resist this shot of the "old & new" with the high-rise PornPing Towers behind this old place.

Keith takes this photo of the Chiang Mai Mosque for his Muslim friends.

Coming out on one of the main streets that hosts the night market, we get this view of a line of western fast food joints. Swensens is the only one we could recommend.

This is the main entrance of the popular "Chiang Mai Night Bazaar" as seen in the daylight.

With thoughts of our German/Norwegian friend, we have our 2nd meal at the "German Hofbrauhaus y Casa Antonio" - a very international place!

We enjoyed a great meal here at the Whole Earth Restaurant where their menu states, "Transformation of the World through the same Intelligence that Creates a Beautiful Lotus from the mud."

Keith wanted to document this sign indicating the APEC meeting at our hotel. We were never sure just what happened here as we understand the Thai hosting of the main APEC conference will be in Bangkok in October.

While we were not able to see any of the many festivities honoring their beloved Queen on her 71st birthday, we pay her homage by sharing this prominent display at the entrance to our hotel.

In the area near the night market, Peg finds the upscale PikLik store which offers fine cotton women's wear.

As it gets dark, the night market starts to get active.

Here is a night view of the entrance steps to the famous Night Bazaar.

With still some shopping left to do on our last night here, Keith gets Peg to pose beside another of the thousands of displays in honor of the Queen's birthday.

 On our last morning we still have some time before we catch our flight back south. We decide to get a tuk-tuk near the hotel entrance for one last quick tour in this fine city. 

We disturb the drivers who were playing checkers on the sidewalk, but they are always anxious for customers - and are used to waiting for the requisite photo sessions.

Our goal for the short time we had available was a visit here to the Wat Chedi Luang. The Chedi was built around 1400 to a height of about 300' but was later damaged by an earthquake.

This view of the Chedi shows the respected naga & the remaining elephants that emerge from or guard the structure.

We decide that this is a place to which we would like to return -- Much interesting  history here.  The feeling of time past was tangible.

As we wait for our short ride to the Chiang Mai Airport, Keith bids farewell to his friends outside the hotel entrance.

Flying south, we stop again at the Sukhothai Airport & are struck again by the attractiveness of this facility.

One last shot as we land in Bangkok & unload from our colorful Bangkok Airways turboprop.

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