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Wat Doi Saket & Temple Grounds 16 km northeast of Chiang Mai. When Keith asked the fellows from the Ban Pong "Boys' Night Out" group for recommendations for our Chiang Mai trip, one of the ex-pats from Ireland had a very specific suggestion.  He urged us to visit the lesser known wat at Doi Saket. He had spent some time living in Chiang Mai and told of this temple with very unusual murals. They were not the traditional Thai temple murals, were more modern/recent, and foreign tourists seldom visited there. This latter part appealed to us. This album is of photos of the pleasant temple's exterior and grounds; the next album will be devoted to the very large individual paintings inside the temple.

From the divided highway 118 (Kaeo Nawarat Rd.) we get our first view of the temple & white chedi atop this hill.

A short distance off the highway we come to the base of the 300 steps leading up to the temple. Fortunately, we are able to drive to the top.

Behind the temple we first visit the white chedi.

Here is the front of the temple & some local children peering down at some strange foreigners. 

A closer view of the front of the temple shows more of the ornate steps leading up to the front entrance.

Peg poses with these figures who are guarding the lower steps ...

... while Keith poses with one of the 3-headed serpents (nagas) guarding the upper steps.

Half way through photographing the interior murals, Keith hears drumming & comes out to see this monk pounding away.

From the main entrance, Keith gets this shot of Peg & the other structures below.

Peg finds the top of the steps & captures this view down.

She also finds a good view of the flat fertile valley below.

Here are the 7 Buddha images, each in a different position & representing a specific day of the week.

As is the case with most temple grounds, we find a school here on the hilltop. It is obviously lunch time.

Before leaving this peaceful setting (no foreign tourists sighted) Keith pauses by another naga guarding the back steps ... 

... and Peg pauses for this photo op in front of an attractive white Buddha image.

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