Photo Gallery & Impressions 13b


Chiang Mai City Scenes 1: Shopping, Eating, Massage, Tuk-Tuk to Wall.  The day after arriving at Chiang Mai, we decided to take it easy and tried to not do too much.  We enjoyed our comfortable hotel room, did some shopping close by and explored part of the city on foot.  The next day, after touring 2 interesting wats (temples - photos of which can be seen in the next 3 albums), we got acquainted with the driver of local tuk-tuk #84 who took us on an interesting tour around the old city.

Keith taking a lunch break after a morning of internet cafe, shopping & our first-ever foot massage

Peg is waiting patiently for her papaya pok pok -- a spicy salad that has become a favorite.

We continue "around the block" with a stop at Katam corner, the SE corner of the ancient city wall (which was reconstructed around 1800 but mostly lost during WWII)..

We visit the famed night market as it turns dark. Peg samples pineapple from a vendor with an ancient chedi in the background.

The Night Market was peppered with Hill Tribe folk selling their unique colorful crafts.  Peg buys two purses from this young lady.

Keith gets another foot massage with the addition this time of a full leg massage.  Ideal for post marketing syndrome. (tired legs). He's HAPPY!

Tut tuk #84 whose station was a half block from the hotel took us on a short before dinner jaunt around the old city wall.

A view from inside the tuk-tuk as we cruise the perimeter of the old city.

We stop at the interesting NW corner and are encouraged to climb up for the view.

 Keith takes a photo looking back eastward along Sri Phum Road & the trees & grass on the banks of the canal .

A little insecure with heights, Peg tries to keep up with the tuk-tuk driver while Keith takes photos.

Offering to get a photo of the two of us, our new friend also captures the mountain on the left & the Public Library building on the right.

This view of Peg & our friend also shows the canal/moat that surrounds the old city.

Keith perches on the high point for this photo by Peg.

While we wait at the base of the old wall, our driver brings his tuk-tuk up for curbside service.

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