Photo Gallery & Impressions 12b


After a morning of snorkeling and with a storm coming up we stay closer to shore and explore more of the main island of Ko Thalu.  These photos are from Saturday afternoon and evening, as well as our Sunday morning snorkeling & departure.

Past where the new resort is being built, we have this entire beautiful beach to ourselves.

We go further down the deserted coastline looking for a good place to snorkel through the coral. The problem is the tide is out & that gives us little room to float above the coral.

We still had a fun time & even enjoyed being pelted by the warm rain & strong winds. Notice the fronds of the coconut palms being pushed by the winds.

Susan agrees to take this photo of us on the deserted beach. We are glad we are here before the crowds come.

We decide to go back along the tail by the "old house." We do this rather than explore more of the island because the other trails go through coconut groves that can be dangerous in such winds.

We all kick back & relax on the porch of our rooms & watch the storm progress.

We also have a chance to watch this game (called Sepaktakraw) played by staff members on their break. It at first looks like volley ball  but is played with a smaller ball & only feet & heads are used after the server (by tree right) throws the ball to the first kicker (center foreground). The losing team here does pushups.

This is just part of our exotic evening meal, but Keith finds the crabs & mussels a work of art in themselves. The colors in the mussel shells were most interesting.

Soon we hear pleasant singing from the rear of the eating area, only to find it is our guide, Vee, starting an evening of karaoke. The large sea turtle on the right was found dead on the beach, preserved & now presides over the karaoke stage.

While eating, we were approached by an English speaking Thai lady from Burbank, California! Pat, who comes periodically to Bangkok to visit family, insisted we do a karaoke number with her!

Susan and Peg back up karaoke super star, Pat, in a rendition of Dona, Dona, Dona. Pat's husband is from Columbia and consequently Pat speaks Spanish as well.

Keith was a little bashful when asked to dance, but soon succumbed to those graceful, delicate Thai hands. 

Clearly lessons were in order so we were all treated to instruction from nearly every Thai lady in the house, many of them Pat's friends or family.

Here the serious & talented karaoke singers demonstrate the attraction of this activity.

This was either "El Condo Passo" or "I Did it My Way." We can't remember. Keith never believed he would enjoy karaoke.

Keith trips the light fantastic far into the night -- it was nearly 8:30 PM when he finally slowed down. 

One final song for the English speakers who had a 7:00 AM date for snorkeling before leaving the island.

Early boarding of the boat to the snorkeling corals attracted many of the previous night's revelers.

Wishing we could show the underwater sights, we must settle for this photo of other snorkelers. We visited 2 spots, this one notable for its beautiful purple "sea flowers" found among the coral. We also experienced underwater feeding of many beautiful fish.

After quick showers and late breakfast, we head for the boat back to the mainland.  We are all tired, but happy with this pleasant visit and fascinating underwater activities.

The crew and guests must hurry back to catch an 11:00 AM bus north.  It's a bit sad to leave such an idyllic place.

Susan soaks in the last views of a fine vacation retreat and beautiful corner of the planet.

Coming to the mainland, our boat is pulled a little closer in by the young son of one of the friendly resort staff.  

Stepping back on the shore completes our stay and we all say our good-byes. The helpful staff drive us to the nearby town of Bang Saphan to catch the bus north.

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