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We had planned to travel south to the coastal resort town of Hua Hin previously, but cyber reservations got lost.  This time reservations were confirmed by the hotel owner and we all (Susan, Ted, Peg & Keith) took the 2 hour train ride from Ban Pong down to Hua Hin.  This was time to relax, rest and enjoy the comforts, beauty and great food of the White Sand Hotel located a few kilometers north of town. 

Hua Hin is characterized by this kind of scenery of coconut palms and white sandy beaches.

Our hotel, appropriately enough, is called the White Sand Hotel.

We were greeted with orchids on the pillows in the beautiful air-conditioned room overlooking the beach of the Gulf of Thailand

One of the many deliciously prepared meals served on the patio overlooking the beach.

These squid boats are anchored just off shore in relatively shallow water awaiting their nightly fishing work on the Gulf.

This very Van Gogh-esque arrangement of boats appealed to Peg's art teacher eye.

The rigging consisting of green florescent lights to attract squid is particularly interesting.

Peg wades off shore, and the city center of Hua Hin is seen farther down the beach.

Venturing into the center of town, we locate this fish market in Chatchai Street market.

At another stall in the market we meet this little counter cat with a pug nose who grudgingly allowed this photo.

Later we found a public internet booth, not to be confused with an ATM machine.  It was wonderfully efficient & high speed.

This dramatic sunset-lit north eastern sky was seen from our hotel balcony.

Susan and Ted enjoy a late evening meal with us.  The night fishing boats are seen on the horizon level with Ted's shirt sleeve.

This photo shows the placement of the dozens of boats along the horizon line.  They work all night and arrive back to shore at first light. This line of green lights would be familiar to anyone who ever stayed on this beach.

Another balcony scene of the charmingly smaller hotel.

An early morning swim meant a walk of some 100 yards before reaching shoulder depth.

Our host and hotel owner, Richard McKenzie, chats with us before our final meal on Sunday. (Richard's other business is exporting quality bedding. See

Here is probably the freshest squid meal you'd ever hope to get your mouth around. It almost  melted in our mouths. 

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