Keith & Peggy in Thailand 2003
SUNDAY - JULY 6, 2003

Ted & Susan pick us up at the college and take us to a huge, modern mall in a neighboring city, Nakon Pattom. A great and interesting cultural experience - & also time to do needed shopping. Spent thousands of Baht, not many dollars, but got many useful & fun things for our next few months here. (no photos of shopping)
Then back to the center of Ban Pong where Ted & Susan live. Time for visiting, a great lunch near where they live, talk with friends, a walk to the river a couple of blocks from where they are staying, a visit to a Chinese temple with friend Jing, work on a project recording an English language tape, then a walk through Ban Pong's night market before returning after dark to the campus. Another very full and fascinating day!
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01wall 02lunch 03river
Peg likes this shot of wall and plants in an alley behind the little street restaurant where we ate. Susan, Ted & Keith visit at the street side table waiting for our meal of "tom sum luk" ..?? View of Mekrong River that flows by Ban Pong and is just a couple of city blocks from where Ted and Susan are staying.
04tmp_entrance 05temple 06classroom
The entrance to the Chinese Temple faces the river. It is distinctively Chinese by its use of dragons, animal motifs, and the color red. We are told that the Ban Pong area has a very strong Chinese-Thai element. Interior view of the temple. A view of the classroom used by Yupadee in her home to teach ESL privately. Upstairs is where Yupadee lives and it is there that Ted & Susan have a room.
07record 08nite_market 09fruit
The four farang (foreigners) record dialogs for an audio tape to accompany an ESL text being prepared by Yupadee and a colleague of hers. It seemed like it would be a simple and quick job, but that was not the case - Much more difficult to coordinate all of the bits of English dialog. We worked several hours on this, but will have to finish later. The lights and action of Ban Pong's night market continue in the light rain. This is just a few blocks away from where Ted & Susan are currently living. Here a street vendor proudly displays her collection of various local fruits. So far Keith's favorite is the mangosteen (3 platters center & right foreground). It looks a little like a cross between an eggplant and a persimmon, but tastes like neither. Another favorite is the rambutans, which are the 2 large piles in front of the vendor lady.