Keith & Peggy in Thailand 2003
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01carport_guys 02campus 03shrine
We are brought from the hotel in Bangkok to the College at Ban Pong by 2 Rotarians (here on the right - far right, Rotary President Supanus & his brother) and a Nursing faculty member Sidthi (here on left). They pose with Keith in the carport to our campus house. A view of the Nursing College campus. Peg with the shrine on campus.
04peg_riding 05bike_ride 06voc_college
Loaner bicycles are available for students and staff. Here local dogs think it is fun to follow Peg as she rides. Riding out a short way, we look back at the 2 colleges. Here is the entrance of the vocational college. A Buddha statue is just inside the gate; a tiny shrine with incense burning and offerings is in the foreground right.
07house_back 08house_view 09breakfast
The backside of our comfortable house with staff quarters in background. A view of the countryside from one of our windows. It is from this direction that we hear the monks chanting and playing music. A wat is over there someplace. Peg at breakfast. We have our own personal dining room off of the campus kitchen where we are treated like special people. They are very willing to prepare western food for us, but we are choosing the wonderful Thai style of meals.