2003MalaysiaResort_19-22sep (24 images) - [Late addition - album added Dec 2011 - beware mistakes due to faulty memory.]
The last photo album ended as we were waiting on Sept. 18 for a bus that would take us to Thailand's southeastern border. There, after nightfall, we crossed over in to Malaysia. Being a little uneasy but desperate, we took the only Malaysian side taxi available.  We hoped at this dark and late hour that he would deliver us safely to our budget hotel in the city of Kota Bharu.  He did and agreed to pick us up the next morning to drive us farther south to the place to catch a boat out to a resort on one of the Perhentian Islands in the South China Sea off the northeastern Malaysian coast.  This album starts with that 2nd cab ride and covers the delightful days we spent at the Coral View Island Resort. After 3 days in this tropical paradise, we would have to travel north to Bangkok and our return flight to California.

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