Keith & Peggy in Thailand 2003
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01arrival_banpong 02arrival_campusfront 03arrival_staffhousing
Very interesting signs on main highway welcoming you to the city of Ban Pong. Some students on the road in front of the main building of the campus. The faculty housing in the rear of the campus. Ours is on the far right and set back from the campus street. There are also a couple of 3-story apartment buildings for other staff.
04arrival_house 05arrival_campusrear 06arrival_batwat
Keith in front of our house with all of our luggage and Bangkok purchases. The view from the rear of the campus near our house.  On an excursion to the south of the campus where a wat is located near some very famous bat caves (more about this later). Here Peg is between the College Director Wimonnid (on right) and Assistant Director Mrs. Muntana. Nursing faculty member Yuwadee on left.
07arrival_monks 08arrival_company 09arrival_bike
On July 5th we were invited to attend a reception for a new group of students. Here Director Wimonnid (far left) supervises the presenting of gifts to Buddhist monks who officiated the program. Our first guests in our downstairs room - Ted and Susan bring their pharmacist friend Jing to visit. Ted shows up another time bringing us a new motorbike to use. Keith is a bit shaky, but hasn't dumped yet...


Boromarajonani College of Nursing
Chakriraj area
99 Tambon Larduakhow
Banpong, Ratchaburi

The Nursing College is a few miles out from the city of Ban Pong in Ratchaburi Province. It is a fairly new campus of a 40+-year-old college. The campus is still being developed, the most noticeable being that the grass has yet to be planted in the soccer (football) field. Advanced students train in the hospital in Ban Pong. Next to the College is a vocational/industrial college, both being located in a rural setting surrounded by rice and sugar cane fields.