Feline Family - more than pets or friends, they are FAMILY

Mao puts up with this formal pose ...

  ... but is not particularly happy playing cowboy.

Is this real catnip??

Ohh!  My!!  What a trip!

Mr. Cowboy himself - Rufus strikes a pose.

Cowboys like chin scratches too.

To heck with the big pile of cash ... 

  ... pulling apart an orchid is much more fun!

When a guy needs a drink, he needs a drink.

Not sure what this is..? Rufus likes corn on the cob ... anywhere! 
The Mao glare.
In days past, Mao always felt safe with his buddy Meatloaf (AKA Coletrane).
Dearly departed Meatloaf was a tough cat, but he also loved his "cuddlies."

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