Fram 13 Annual Family Christmas Party

December 11, 2003

Continuing an old tradition, Fram 13 members gather upstairs at the Hall to celebrate the Christmas season.  The local Finish group, Norwegian language class and family members also join in the festivities.  However, there are some somber moments this year as we become aware of the loss of one of our members and of the absence of several of our regular members due to another family loss.  The Hall has been nicely decorated, the food prepared and the tradition continues for those present.

Dee supervises as Peg adds the finishing touches to the kransekake

A work of art - the finished kransekake - along with other tasty desserts.

Doris lets the group know it is close to "feeding time."

More dishes need to be set and arranged first.

Visiting continues at the head of the stairs while the food is arranged. . .

. . . and Colleen & Peg visit by the Lodge tree.

It is now time to get serious about loading the plates.

It is amazing how there is always enough of both volume & variety at these Norsk potlucks

The holiday table decor was very pleasant to sit down to.

Alternating Finns and Norskies was the order of the day.

When we ran out of Finns we sat next to whomever was around.

More pictures.  Guess who is not eating? -- the cameraman.

Great company + great food = great night.  God Jul !

Turnabout is fair play-- someone gets a picture of the cameraman

But does he have his mouth half stuffed with food?

This is a kind of "oof"  (not offda) that one needs to do after overindulging.

As the evening wanes, conversation turns to lodge history.

Clever, thoughtful decorations provided by Sue Santa and her little clauses.

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