Fram 13 - December 3, 2003

Lodge Monthly Meeting, Potluck & Tree Trimming

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President David brings up the tree freshly cut from South Fork Mountain. Of course a good monthly Lodge meeting should be preceded by a potluck feed. A pause for a group photo before the feeding frenzy begins.
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This was a very special day as we were also honoring Carol's (center) retirement on this date! Now time for everyone to fill their plates & enjoy good conversation. The meeting was short & efficient so that we could get on to other festive activities.
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Is this red creature a real Norwegian nisse or just a Fortuna TROLL...? Melanie & Kira seem not too fearful. How many trees get such an honored crown?? Kira Bialous does the acrobatic honors with help from mom & sisters. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Tree is trimmed & ready for next week's Christmas Party - now time for another group photo.

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