Sons of Norway -- FRAM Lodge No. 13

Eureka, California



Lodge Picnic - Grizzly Creek - August 2002


On Sunday, August 4, 2002, the Fram Lodge held its annual picnic meeting at the Grizzly Creek State Park southeast of Eureka. Braving a threat of showers several Lodge members, their family members, as well as language class members, met for a midday potluck and an afternoon of talk and visiting along the Van Duzen River.

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The majority started eating the many tasty dishes out in the bright sun. However some attendees preferred the shade of the redwood trees. Many business and social issues were covered. Lodge members present posed for a group picture.
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Adding a few more folks to the group, another portrait was taken. Member David seems skeptical of Sue's reason for being late to the picnic.

Eating and interesting talk continue.


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